Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Delight of all delights, plus a curse

Flirty and FABULOUS! (a line on the "bump it" commercial caught my attention and sometimes you need to embrace whatever makes you smile.)

well i survived Monday. which is Sayin' somethin' , let me tell you!

after my rockin' dentist appointment. i gave up on getting anything in my house done. and hauled the herd to G-ma's pool.

i soaked for a few hours. Then, Delight of all delights I discovered that i'm peeling. THAT IS RAD! just my shoulders so far. can't wait until that is over. i am not a fan of peeling.

and now i must tell you a secret. it's semi personal. bear with me here....

i hate to bring up my cleavage again. but i have this spot where my boobs touch each other. (the cleavagey part) it's developed a sore/scab and it hurts like the DEVIL.

The other day it was itchy (like a mosquito bite) so i scratched the hell out of it, Thus making the sore. So now , mostly because my cleavage touches, it sweats, and so the scab stays damp and it then HURTS LIKE THE DEVIL!

what's a girl to do? i can't very well walk around holding my boobs apart. and i refuse to go without a bra. band aids don't do much for it and they just draw attention.


So i've decided big boobs are a curse today.

plus how attractive is a scab anyway? it isn't !

with my luck it will scar. that will be permanently UGLY!

flipping awesome.

i know. wah wah wah big boobed girl whining. you are thinking, what is she whining about?

damn it! i'm whining about a legitimate problem. and pointing out to those less endowed than me that sometimes it's a blessing your boobs don't constantly touch eachother. this is the brightside. you don't have this problem. yay you.

Tuesday's delights? Bunko with the BUNKO DIVAS! yay!

my other goal? just surviving my reality.

it's all I've got to do.

One day at a time.


do it with me.

hee hee hee hee WHOO hee hee hee hee WHOOO.
hee hee hee hee WHOO hee hee hee hee WHOOO.
hee hee hee hee WHOO hee hee hee hee WHOOO.
hee hee hee hee WHOO hee hee hee hee WHOOO.
hee hee hee hee WHOO hee hee hee hee WHOOO.
hee hee hee hee WHOO hee hee hee hee WHOOO.
hee hee hee hee WHOO hee hee hee hee WHOOO.

WHAT?! oh not that kind of breathing?

just in and out? sure, i can do that.

but that doesn't take any skill at all.

when does school start again?


do your boobs touch eachother?

how is your summer going?

sometimes is it all you can do to survive?

care to share a secret or story? please do!

and have a FLIRTY AND FABULOUS day!

yeah still makes me smile. there is just something delightful about flirty and fabulous!

ahhhh, much better.

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Scrappy Girl said...

Yes, flirty and fabulous makes me think of a woman twirling her skirt in the summertime...why I don't know...

I have many days where it is all I can do to survive. I hate those days where at 9 pm I put the 2 little ones to bed...shut their door...and barely make it to the couch. That is the opposite of flirty and fabulous...that is...


My Family said...

Don't have big boobs, but I don't mind, I actually like what I've got (or lack there of) :) You could try putting a little baby powder down the cleavage or some neosporin.

CassiB said...

I would try hydrocortisone for the boobies. and maybe nystatin if it stays a prob. with all the heat lately moisture could be a factor along with the rubbing. Yes my boobs touch and I love it, it hasn't always been that way, got better with each baby ;) but sometimes there are cons.
Summer is going ok but at the same time i can't wait for school to start.
yep, i will survive is sometimes my theme song, specially this week-loads of crap going on familywise.
I do not feel flirty or fabulous right now but i'm hoping that it is a phase that will soon pass.

Devri said...

Sorry I only have big boobs when I am nursing. pretty much flat right now dang it!

Becky said...

I have big boobs and they ARE a CURSE. If I could get a reduction I would in a second. They get all sweaty in summer and it is yucky. Have to wear baby powder.

onehm said...

You mentioned a mosquito bite ON your boobs...mine resemble mosquito bites. :P Enough said.

And I have to say that these last couple of days have been PURE HELL around here and I can't believe we're only halfway through summer. How am I going to stay saine???

onehm said...

PS...wanna carpool tonight??

andrea said...

Hahaha! Love onehm comment! She is not alone on that mosquito bite thing. My girls don't touch. They don't even know each other. :)

I may lose it today. I have a 15 year old playing the martyr game (GET OVER IT already!), a very bossy 7 yr old that is driving everyone crazy, a 5 yr old that won't clean his room(I'll be heading in there with a garbage bag soon), and my 3 yr old seems hell-bent upon destroying something...anything.....and I'm supposed to take them to the Temple open house tour today and pretend we are a happy family...;)

Vidal's Nest said...

Go ahead and brag...I will be paying big bucks in a year or two to get rid of my small, droopy jungle boobs and have the pleasure/trial of boob that rub together!
It's a problem I am willing to endure!
Have fun at bunko!

Jenn said...

I think that spot between your boobs is causing problems with getting anything done--- If you need me to back you up on that I totally will. Just kidding. I love peeling- I know totally grouse right, but I love to see how big of a piece I can get pealed off. Totally my secret shame for ya.

sherry said...

It reminds me of 13 going on 30. "thirty flirty, and fabulous" . I justdon't feel like thatat all. Try sicking tissue between your boobs to keep them apart. I may or may not do that during the summer to keep them from sweating....;)

Janelle said...

I was once small now turned large, and i'm pretty positive, i'd like to be small again! yeah, yeah, grass is always greener on the other side syndrome, i know!!
I agree on the baby powder.

Carie said...

Yes oh Yes I have big boobs! I have always felt like they were a curse! I get a nasty rash under them when it is humid and it can get so bad that I have to use a lovely jock cream to clear it up! Fantastic huh! I wouldn't mind the suckers so much if they pointed in the right direction, but sadly they point down to my feet! I am tramuatized by them because when I was young I got big early and was called Dolly Parton, so I have always dreamed of having tiny ones, that aint never gonna happen!

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