Monday, July 6, 2009

a rude awakening and the highlight

today was one of those days when i wake up to kids bouncing on my bed, and yelling in my ear. and it doesn't stop all day.

the talking. chatter. bickering. whining. demanding. yelling. loud TV. shouting up the stairs. pulling on my arm. poking me in the back. NON STOP KIDS.

on my bed. in the bathroom. in the kitchen. at the computer. upstairs . downstairs.

it wears on me. my favorite is when the hubs comes in, and attempts to talk to me too, and people run up and chime in. SERIOUSLY for 2 seconds people. back OFF! i need an adult minute.

i go to the bathroom for a minute and come back to the onslaught.

to discover a FLOOD of 52 oz of liquid sanity spilled on the dining room floor.

Really? I get to take care of that? yay me. (grumble ,grumble ,groan. )

Today i'm working on-

-Laundry. (i'm starting with the towels that mopped up the beverage flood)

-I'm printing and filling out my blogher ad paperwork. i FINALLY GOT APPROVED and those 3 applications. are due.

-i get to go to the dentist again today. and get a filling. some silence for me. yay. the 15 minutes each way. and however long i get to wait in the waiting room all alone. yay. near silence. WHOOHOO!

it's a sad day when going to the dentist is the HIGHLIGHT!

would i trade it? no probably not.

BUT maybe i should go to bed earlier. and get up before I'm rudely awakened by small children.

or maybe i should invest in some ear plugs.

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CassiB said...

Fry's has ear plugs 99cents for 4 pairs. the orange foamy kind. it's by the eyedrops and stuff.
I get up earlier than the kids do, it really doesn't make a difference either they yell and be crazy and wake me up or they wake up yelling and being crazy. oy!
Sorry for your loss of sanity. Hope you got at least a few seconds to mourn before you had to clean it up.

Janelle said...

oh the joys!!!

Jenn said...

Congrats on blgher- finally you will get paid for all your hard work! --- This has been my day a little too. I went to fold all my laundry and found out my husband mixed the clean with the dirty--- so I get to start the whole process over. blah!

Laura said...

I cannot tell you how much I relate. Today we were out all day but when I am home the noise level and the constant bugging me can make me completely insane.

Scrappy Girl said... IS pretty bad when the dentist is the highlight of the day...I was awakened by our 4 year old...and then 15 minutes later she was asleep on the couch...argh!

andrea said...

I have a very tone deaf and loud 7 year old at my house that decided that it would be a good thing to start rehearsing Christmas carols today. Because, you know, the holiday season is right around the corner!?!

"Angels we have Heard on High", for hours. With extra rehearsing on the Gloo-o-o-o-o-ooooo-ria chorus....I used to like that song.

Amy said...

Wax ear plugs work the best. I'm just sayin'...

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