Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SWEET! mcdonalds ketchup cups for the sacrament!

kids say and do funny stuff. my kids seem to have an abundance of funny things going on. this is what has happened in the last couple days.

today Hope and pierce took all of my canned food out of the can rotator things in my pantry, they hauled the cans into the dining room and proceeded to Build towers with the canned food. AWESOME. the white trash way to play blocks. SWEET!

speaking of sweet. Joy, has been using that word. SWEET! hope does too. and it makes me smile every time i hear them say it. SWEET!

Sunday for Church we visited my brothers ward. as the sacrament trays were passed Joy noticed they used paper cups(i think ours are mini plastic ones) . she decided they must be using "mini ketchup cups, and they got them from McDonald's ".

this one is funny if you are mormon, less funny if you aren't so here is a short video on Mormon's made simple. watch it or don't but it explains, sacrament meeting, sacrament, and ward. (congregations designated by geographic location.)
there is extra info but it covers the mini cups for the water.

Pierce just brought me a roll of toilet paper. with the holder. and an empty roll. he was trying to change it himself! SWEET! he got a high 5 for that! i swear i'm the ONLY PERSON IN THE HOUSE THAT CHANGES THE ROLL! maybe if i train Pierce to do it, i only have to do it on occasion instead of EVERY FREAKING TIME!

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Scrappy Girl said...

I love the funny things kids say! I have a conversation between mine that I need to post soon.

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