Sunday, July 5, 2009

Delights from the Drive-in! 4th of July Recap


The Family!

Front row-Hope, Liberty, Peyton,Pierce, the Hubs and Paxton

Back Row- Joy, Me


Hope, Liberty, and Joy


Paxton and Peyton


MOM, Look Fireworks!

Pierce was totally into the fireworks we could see from Tempe Town lake.

(Pierce's shirt says "Dad's Mr. Independent")


Hope decided she had a better view of the Movie

from the front seat of the Van

she was watching in the rear view mirror.


Onehm's family Joined us at the drive-in again this year.

Liberty was thrilled Sweet G was there.


They sat on the top of the Van together!


I was surprised how bright the lights were from Tempe Marketplace. and that bright white spot? it's the moon. They had a great time hanging out. Sweet G stayed for the 2nd movie with us.


all of the kids on top of the Van

Mr. T, Pierce, Liberty, Paxton, Joy, Peyton and sweet G.

(Hope and Onehm's other kids had no interest in sitting up there.)

We saw great fireworks from Tempe Town lake(they were the largest and longest) . There were some further away in Mesa ,AJ, and Phoenix.

we saw Ice Age 3. which was kinda boring for me, but the kids sat really well.

and then Night at the Museum 2. which was pretty cute.

it was hot.


of course it was hot everywhere,

so anywhere people went to see fireworks last night

i'm sure they were hot too.

my sister and her family came and my Mom and Little brother were there too.

(i spared them in the picture taking).

my sister had a moment of genius and brought her kittens she wanted to get rid of, so she had the kids take them around and ask if they wanted a free kitten. they unloaded one. and the kids were in heaven holding the cats.

Joy asked " mom can we buy a Free kitten?" um no. but thanks. 2 cats are enough.

my poor kids love pets and babies and we aren't getting more of either.

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Scrappy Girl said...

I have never been to a drive in...sounds like fun...except for the heat!


Fun, Fun, Fun!!!! minus the heat:)

tammy said...

Looks fun! But hot. And fun to have Onehm there!

We spent the entire evening in the backyard swimming & BBQing w/family. Until it was time for fireworks. Then we stopped long enough to watch the ones at the farm, and immediately went back to swimming until like midnight. Fun night!

Jenn said...

Right on- looks like so much fun!

Becky said...

We were all set to come but then our van would not start and we were stuck at home. Maybe next year.

jayna said...

great idea going to the drive in for the 4th!! i love that you got to see a bunch of firework shows from there! i remember sitting on top of the van when i was little. those were the days. don't know if i could handle the heat anymore. i'm losing my tolerance. :)

Sweet Notations said...

I have never taken my kids to the drive -ins. I need to!1 by the way Joy's shirt is totally adorable, she did a great job on it!!

Fawn said...

We hit up the drive-ins on the third. It POURED the entire time and was nice and windy. KaraLyn is super thoughtful and brought a couple of easy-ups so we had them set up over us while we watched. (even though they were meant to block the sun since we got there so early, but worked perfectly once it started raining as soon as the movie started) Wish we would've remembered about the 4th and the fireworks you can see from there, but glad we missed out on the heat! Glad you guys had so much fun though!

Andrea said...

awww FUN!!! CUTE pics!! That's hilarious they tried to unload kittens on the people there! My kids were looking at these pics with me, they were remembering joining y'all last year! Good memories for them :)

We stayed home all day and BBQ, then lit up a few illegals from UT until Ben got too nervous to do more. hahaha

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