Friday, July 3, 2009

Here are the details for the Drive in on the 4th.


We are hitting the drive in at 6:30 to claim our spot.

i can't wait, it's the perfect amount of Fireworks. and BONUS double feature movie. plus all the candy and beverages we care to haul there. and we take dinner with us too. last year we had Barro's ! this year? i haven't decided yet for this year. but i'm stoked.
we haul camp chairs, pull out the back seat of the Van. let kids sit on the roof. and settle in for a GOOD TIME.

Pierce might be a freaking nightmare. but i hope he'll be decent and watch the movie.

Drive in 480-949-9451
at the Scottsdale 6 drive in on Mckellips and Scottsdale Road.

2 lane slip and slide water slide. for kids.

July 4th

Ice age 3 8:30 12:25
Night at the museum 2 10:25

Public Enemies 8:30
Chasing ...123

Transformers 8:30 2:am
star trek 11:20 pm

Star trek 8:45

Up! 8:30- 12-35

Hangover 8:30 12:20
Year one 10:30

Cash only at box office and concessions. there is an ATM on the premises

box office opens at 6:30

Admission prices.
adults $6.25
5-12 $1
4 under Free

BEST PART IS... you can see all the surrounding fireworks. Tempe town lake, the Scottsdale casinos , any in Mesa, Phoenix? yeah. it's the best of both.

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CassiB said...

You are so rad to post this info. I have not been to the drive in forever! Maybe i could talk the hubby into it.

My Family said...

next year I am IN!!!!! Do they do fireworks too?

Becky said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Maybe I can talk my DH into this.

Andrea said...

Hey HOT STUFF! I haven't been to your blog in a while. Guess that's what happens when I'm out of town then trying to play catch up on stuff & no time for computers.

Sounds like a FUN Day/Night! Ben surprisingly got the day off (we thought he had to work), but we still don't have any real plans. Just hanging out til we figure out what we want to do. Got a few poppers at sam's club & some small stuff from walmart in Utah. So, we'll at least have a little to play with when it gets dark!

Hulk Granny said...

Dude, I must mention that the last drive in movie I saw was Braveheart. It was hot, I couldn't see the damn movie, kids yelling, cats and dogs sleeping together, mass hysteria, and to top it off, I got no action because of all of the above...

What am I getting at? It will be hotter than hell out there. But have fun. All I got tonight is a freakin nursing paper due tomorrow.

Janna said...

Have fun!

andrea said...

That sounds fun...and hot! Oh well, it's a dry heat, right?! ;)

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