Thursday, July 2, 2009

they keep me entertained...and a solitary sonic run.

are you dying to know what my kids have done this week? they are funny.

too bad i can't post pictures but, Pierce was dancing naked on the kitchen table (fresh outta the bath) playing the tambourine on his Tush this morning.

the siblings thought it was HILARIOUS!

i got pics and video. but alas, internet safety says no on posting it.

i bought new school backpacks for the herd last week. the girls asked immediately if i was bling-ing them up they need some flair? apparently cute plaid girly colored backpacks aren't fancy enough for them now.

i think I've ruined them (my kids) they expect custom restyled everything. just like they expect ONLY homemade jam , and their sandwiches cut with cute cookie cutter shapes in holiday ziploc baggies all school year. because i did that in an attempt at being a domestic goddess last year.

ok so that wasn't all that funny ha ha. but more funny weird. i should just be glad they like my skillz.

otherwise it's one of those summer days you wish you could start over because it's so enormously hellish with the fighting and whining. it's freaking Awesome!
this definitly calls for some caffiene and a solitary sonic run.

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Scrappy Girl said...

LOL on the naked tambourine playing...that is so something that would happen here!

I {heart} Sonic! I love their watermelon slushes....yummy! This diet is killing me!

Jenn said...

tambourine man!!! Thats funny. Yeah may nto want to post it, but thats funny!

Becky said...

Get me something at Sonic and drop it off on your way home. I feel trapped here with way too many girls playing tea party and making other messes.

Melody said...

Super funny kids, the fighting sounds like my house wish we had a sonic closer.

Piper said...

where else would you play the tamborine besides your tush!!!
The stuff that drives you nuts now, you will be glad they display as adults...

Jen said...

You totally deserve the girls that want to bedazzle things! They are all like you! Yay on the new back packs, now I don't feel like a dork for already getting my boys theirs!

crystal said...

EVERYday calls for some caffeine, missy.

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