Friday, July 31, 2009

what i've been buying...

so all of my shopping efforts for the week have been EXPENSIVE. holy heck. outfitting 6 kids in shoes. for back to school ? OY!

before i'd get by with just buying for those that were going to school , well this year i get a glimpse of my future for the next 10 years or more?having to buy for all 6 because all 6 are going to school. and dang it hurt. my bank account took a hit this week.

the boys are all sporting these... i love love love them. i had my own pair back in the day.


and what do you think of this? for the first day? I'm thinking it's FABULOUS! my little kindergartner is going to be darling sporting this skirt and these shoes. (i'm still looking for a top.)


i know it. posts like this are hard on mom's without little girls. but just think at the money you save not being sucked into these things?

oh and i already got DARLING BLINGY NECKLACES to go with the sparkletastic shoes, and fluffy skirt.

(i got the other girls a different one with multi colors. and liberty has a more mature looking outfit.)

maybe i'll take pics and we'll have a mini fashion show?

NOW i just need to bust out some hair bows. and glam up the backpacks and we are all set for back to school.

ah, when is it starting?


these people are driving me NUTS !

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Scrappy Girl said...

I absolutely love that skirt...I can't seem to find those here. Love the shoes too.

We always have a back to school fashion show at my niece and nephew participate and alot of family attends. I am looking forward to this year's show.

Lynn F. said...

Do you mind me asking where you got the skirt? Too cute. My kindergirl would love to wear that on the first day of school too!

CassiB said...

super cute petiskirt, still haven't gotten any for my girls, mean mom i know. can't wait to see fashion show pics. the boys shoes rock! it's not as fun to buy the size 12 ones for my big boy. ya really when does it start i can't wait.

Jenn said...

i ♥ that little petiskirt!

Audrey said...

where did you find the skirt and shoes? I love them both! too bad about the 6 kids for school (I thought I had it bad buying for twin girls!) lol

Carie said...

Those girl shoes are the cutest ever! Sometimes it is not so fun only having boys...B O R I N G to buy for! I would like to buy just one dolly for someone for Christmas, I mean come on,you can only buy so many video games!

andrea said...


Almost makes me wish my kids went to a school that didn't do uniforms. But I'll tell you what, uniform shopping is easy....over quick, and not much thinking involved! ;)

But dang....those shoes are cute......

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