Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shuffle mop- it's a great workout

this morning i was sitting on the couch folding boatloads of towels and blankets and my little helpers rush up to knock over my stacks, or steal all of their clean blankets to drag on the FREAKING FLOOR?

like i don't have enough laundry to do , but get to continue washing the same thing over and over again because they played on the floor, it's RIDICULOUS.

all this while I'm scrambling anyway to get the front room Company ready for Speech Therapy this afternoon. (meaning i have to clear out the laundry,SO lovingly washed and placed for me on the couch to fold. and then i get to Mop the room. a small chore turned into a big one with the kids hanging out.

after i kicked everyone out of the room, i put everything away, and shuffle mopped the front room and kitchen.

what ? you don't shuffle mop?

it's an excellent work out. instead of working your arms while mopping with a real mop, you work your lower body mopping with a crappy old bath towel. By wetting it down in the sink then standing on it with two feet and shuffling all over the room to be mopped.

great leg workout AND it really works up a sweat.plus my floor is shiny clean in NO TIME!

now that therapy is over we are off to go swimming.


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nancygrayce said...

That is so funny because I do that often! Sometimes I actually use a mop first, then go behind it with the towel shimmy!

sherry said...

We do the shuffle mop around here. Because the floors are too dirty for the conventional mop. And I am too lazy to bend over or get on hands and knees. And we have been doing the boogie board inthe pool since we were kids! My parents are from SoCal so beach and pool would sometimes mix. At our house (now) we have two different types of boogie boards. The crappy ones can be used in the pool and the good ones that go to the beach. And every time they do it I pray they don't fall backwards and split their heads open on the sides.(our pool is much more narrow than the one in thehouse I grew up in) Haven't had an accident in 30 years. Knock on wood....

Michelle said...

I totally shuffle mop! Did it tonight! The question is: Do you do it barefoot? or with shoes on?

Supercool Hotmama said...

Jim calls that the OMS. (Old Man Shuffle).

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