Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kids! they think they know everything!

i just got after my 9 year old (Liberty) for using a real bowl for her ice cream instead of a paper bowl. she told me, "i'm healing the earth" . and her sister Joy turned around and said yeah! "using paper isn't good for the planet."

WHAT THE HELL!?! (freaking Disney channel hyping environmental issues)

i reasoned with the girls (and rationalize with myself) the excessive use of paper products like this....

we live in AZ in the middle of a dessert. we are in a drought. if i waste water washing bowls and plates all the time I'm not doing my part to conserve water. water is more important than not using paper.

using paper conserves energy too. MINE!

i hate washing dishes!

here's another post where i shared my earth day pledge. delightful


the other day we were riding in the car as a family when a fight broke out

Joy had decided that since i'm really tan and can speak Spanish, i MUST BE half Spanish. and since I'm half Spanish (in her mind) she being part Spanish also should Get a Quinceanera.(i don't know how to type the accent thing, forgive me) YEAH.

a party celebrating her womenhood or something when she turns 15.

um, we aren't Spanish! I'm not even a little Spanish, and speaking Spanish and tanning really well does not make me Spanish. AT ALL!

Liberty was fighting Joy on her assumptions trying to set Joy straight, while the hubs and I just chuckled at her logic.

it's kind of like Joy deciding we are Jewish so we could celebrate Hanukkah


well the hubs is gone to scout camp for a couple days with my fave brother (he's on my bad list now though for taking the hubs with him.)

Pierce cried for the first 45 minutes that dad was gone. heart breaking. and ANNOYING! it's bad enough i never leave the herd(except for excessive nights out and frequent bunko groups)

but i never leave over night. and no one cries for me for more than 3 minutes. what is that about? ah it's because i never get to leave! i see how that works now.

so i'm a single mom for the next two nights. i anticipate company sharing my bed.

"mom can i sleep on dad's side of the bed?" a bed meant for 2 maybe 3 gets cozy when 6 extra people pile in.

Now, i'm off to be the Guitar Hero . i even have my own groupies. they asked me to come play!


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Belle said...

Kids do say the cutest things!

Vidal's Nest said...

I'll never give up my paper products. Sanity/save the earth? No question which I choose!
We used to do women's retreats where we took off for the weekend. Park city, a cabin my friend owned etc. Total blast!You need a women's retreat!

sherry said...

Loved the paper rationalization. Had to share it with the husband ( you know something is good if it is worth admitting to my husband that I am waisting time on the computer to share a story with him. Almost never happens) He whole heartedly agrees;)You need to spend a few nights away. I can't believe you never have. My first time was when Rachael was barely two and Kindyl was 8 months old and had never taken a bottle. Went to Women's Conference in Utah. my marriage has never been the same. He started appreciating me more overnight, I tell ya. They have no idea what your life is like if they don't spend AT LEAST two days doing it. Alone. Sometimes I just go to a Killers' concert in California with my sisters. It's all good. Do it. Everyone will appreciate you more. Kids and husband alike. I would be happy to accompany you if you would like;)

Eliza said...

This was funny. My brother's work switched from paper to the real thing and installed a dishwasher so now instead of everyone just using paper they are wasting water and energy and have unhappy employees that have to do the dishes at work! Oh the insanity!!!

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