Friday, July 31, 2009

Where did she buy those? i'll tell you now!

to answer the where i bought the skirts and shoes question? well. here we go. since I've bought all i want. i'll tell you where i got them.

the shoes are Sketchers twinkle toes. and seriously what's not to love?

apparently they are the hot item because i could only buy what was available in the right sizes for my girls so. no selection. a few weeks ago there was a HUGE SELECTION according to the sales girl. i got mine at the sketchers outlet. but they have them online, at Kohls, famous footwear, rack room shoes. etc. pretty sure if you want 'em you can get some. they run $37 bucks a pair.

THEN the pettiskirt

i bought it at TJMAXX! for 20 bucks. i admit i kinda cleared out the selection at the TJMAXX near me (Stapely and baseline) but i did hit another one and got one in Scottsdale(they did have more) . and this one at MARSHALLS.

they only came in smaller sizes. online it said the small is a 2-4 and a medium is 4-6 and so large would be 8? i had a hard time finding a large. but did find one.

and best part is, i googled the brand, and found the exact same one for $46 bucks here. heavenly day! i got a bargain !

then there was a pettiskirt dress (like this one in pink) . i bought 3 of them. i couldn't resist. so for Halloween we are using the pink dresses for some kind of costume to maximize use. i'm thinking Fairy, butterfly,fluffy poodle etc.

we'll see. if i get a picture of them modeling them. i 'll post it.

so happy hunting. hope you find what you are looking for.

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Vidal's Nest said...

Bailey saw the twinkle toes and had to have them too. Of course, Jcpenney's and Khol's were both out of them so I had to take her to the sketchers store to find them. And of course she tells me how all the girls at school love them! I guess they are the hot item this year.
LOVE her skirt! Wish I'd seen that! But we are definatly done!!

Leslie said...

I hope we can still find a pair on wednesday, Layna really wants a pair of the twinkle toes. Hopefully I buy the right size since I am sure I will have to get them online. I bet people are stocking up on them and selling them on ebay too!!

onehm said...

WOW! You've been busy lady! And I bet it does take a hit when you are preparing six. :) Good luck...only a few more days!!

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