Saturday, August 1, 2009

Savoring the last moments of being 2.

today i'm enjoying my last day of my baby being 2 {TWO} !


because tomorrow he turns 3 (everyone knows that's not much of a baby anymore.)

so far today he....

  • he served himself fruit snacks then enjoyed skewering them with a mini screwdriver.


  • demanded MORE while i was combing his hair in the {manly?} pink hair chair.


  • after i combed his faux hawk , i fluffed his curls in back. (they are getting cut today)

my baby isn't much of a baby anymore. {{sniff}}

i better enjoy my 2 year old while i can.

since he's already turned into such a boy. as evidenced by this....

  • he pretended to pee on me {PSSSSSSSSS aiming his MEMBER in a hoselike manner}
  • he pretended to toot on his sister.
  • he licked my face when i was talking to him.
really? already? he's such a boy.

(as he climbs on his bike riding commando!)

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Ruthie Girl said...

Happy Birthday.


It is hard seeing them grow up! Happy Birthday little man!! Gonna have to grow out of the riding commando thing though before to long. Grown men doing things like that are seriously offensive:):)

tammy said...

He's funny. I agree, it's so sad when they turn three!

Didn't get to chat much with you last night. Were we ever at the same table?

bob marley & lucy liu said... sweet (and funny). I love this age!

mom2three said...

oh that makes me kinda sad....I love the pictures he is such a handsome boy!
Happy Bday crazy lil guy!

CassiB said...

they grow up so fast, i used to hate it when people would say that. fruit snacks, doesn't everyone eat them like that. i'm sure it will be like eating snickers with a knife and fork! lol.

Scrappy Girl said...

He's so cute...I am glad it is not just my kids who enjoy going commando! I can't keep clothes on them...ooohh...speaking of clothes...I went to TJMaxx yesterday...bought the same skirt you got...LOVE IT! Now please explain to me why I didn't purchase 2...I am so aggravated. I was trying to be financially sensible and said they didn't have to wear them at the same time...that they could share one since they wear the same I want them to wear them together! If only TJMaxx wasn't 1.25 hours away.

andrea said...

It is quite the reality check when the baby turns 3 and becomes a kid, isn't it?! Just imagine how great it will be though when hopefully soon in your future you won't be buying any more diapers!

I hope he had a great bday, and the picture on the bike is fabulous! Great fodder for blackmail later. ;)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Happy Birthday!

Even though he is a big boy...(even after he's married and has his own little boy, he'll always be your "baby" ) :o)

Andrea said...

HAHAHAA still giggling at the little things he was doing! LOVE that pic of him going *commando* on the bike! HEEeee Heeeeee :)

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