Wednesday, August 12, 2009

already disenchanted?

i just might be.

the first day of school for kids # 1-5 was by all accounts a complete success!


i have a feeling it's downhill from here. ;)

i picked up everyone at the school for a couple reasons.

1. i was dying to know how everyone did. did they like it? did they have fun? did anyone get in trouble? etc.

2. it's freaking hot outside so by the time they get home they are sweaty and cranky.

3. when they walk home there are often fights between siblings for whatever reason kids find to bicker.

so by picking them up i eliminated a couple of the reasons the after school hours can be difficult.


they loved their teachers,

their teachers were nice,

they knew everyone there already,

people thought they looked so cute.

did you know my teacher plays Guitar?


I'm gonna join band and i wanna play percussion.

by all accounts it was the best first day of school ever!

we hit sonic on the way home for beverages.

and came home to do homework.

and this is when i became disenchanted.

The homework.

how quickly i forget. i was inundated with papers, things to sign, explaining the instructions. all of it coming at me at once. from 5 different directions.

plus chores, because school schedule rules include chores, and homework done before all fun.

everyone is grounded from all screens until it's done.

which helps motivate everyone to do what they are supposed to.

but that can include a battle or whining.

and while i never forget what's coming. it's never pleasant.

already disenchanted.

in 1 day.

Plus Pierce was alot more work for me, with nobody else home to help.

poor guy didn't know what to do with himself all alone. when we picked up the other kids he was so excited,"hi guys!" and hugs all around.

i'm pretty sure i was just overwhelmed.

the silence was pretty darn fabulous. no whining or bickering.

and everyone was so tired after today that no one needed help going to sleep. pretty fabulous.

i fell asleep at 8:15 i was just laying down for a minute to kill time until the 8:30 bedtime. and fell asleep myself. i was rudely awakened at 10 by Hope and Pierce.

they were jumping on me.

seriously? they have to go to school! why didn't they get put to bed?

day two promises to be way more relaxing for me, since i'll get my first taste of true freedom in 10 years. for a few hours anyway.


maybe it will be blissful and i'll love back to school again. or the idea of it anyway.

and i super loved all of the facebook and blog comments about how cute the kids were. THANKS FOR THE LOVE EVERYONE!

i wanna see everyone else's first day of school pics.

So? questions?

what is your least fave thing about back to school?

what is your after school routine?

did you post your back to school pics yet? and did i see them?

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CassiB said...

least fave thing? the day flys by. i think i'll get alot done and then i don't. school routine is similar, i ease into it after the first week. i did on FB. hope your second day is just as nice as the first only better with a break from Pierce.

Carie said...

Yes, I posted, and yes you saw! I also hate homework because we all know it is not just homework for them, but it includes us too! Not fair, I already went to school and put in my time, and don't want to do homework! If there never was homework for the kids to do, I would be so very happy!

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