Thursday, August 13, 2009

Funnies from the 1st day

as soon as this little girl got in the car today i asked how it went,

excitedly she replied , "i already made a new friend!"

later i asked her...

me: did you cry?

Hope proudly stated, " Nope! not even 1 little drop!"

then she came up later and i asked her how lunch at school was?

Hope said, " GOOD! i saw Peyton, he came in after me and walked by with his food!"

me: did he say Hi?

Hope: yeah! ( i want to get Peyton's version from him)

me: did you drink Chocolate milk?

she was thrilled and said "NOPE! STRAWBERRY!"
(which could quite possibly make it the best day ever!)

me: what did you eat for lunch?

Hope said, " you know that stuff in a box!?! it was yummy!"

ummm, hmm, what is that? something in a box? care to guess?

i figured I'd ask one of the other kids later. but forgot.

when i was looking for more papers that needed sent back i found a cafeteria menu.

can you guess what they had for lunch at school today?

Orange chicken, with rice and an egg roll! and a fortune cookie.

of course!

CHINESE FOOD! it comes in a box around here!

she was also impressed with what you do with your milk when you are done.

" you pour it out in the bucket and put the carton in the RECYCLE!"

exciting stuff around here!

she loved it, and already she is a BIG GIRL!

she told me this afternoon!




Joy got asked a few times

"why are you wearing a tutu?!"

her reply?

" my mama picked it out!"

the response following that was, "WOW, it's really fluffy!"

i was afraid she might be embarrassed by the attention and questions,

but NOPE she's wearing another one today!


what is not to love?

(i'll add pictures later maybe.)

Hope is wearing a pink and pink tutu ensemble with a zebra striped tank.

and of course I will have more pictures later!

it's Pierce's official first day!

i hope i can find his Vans. they've gone missing.

i'm afraid they are in the vortex so I need to put together a search party!

Happy Thursday!


what do you do for lunches for your kids?

did you have any idea hope was talking about Chinese food from her description, "like the food in a box" ?

what goes missing most often at your house? (at mine we lose 1 shoe, only one. ALWAYS)

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CassiB said...

the girls make their lunches, i'm a mean mom. the usual junk twinkies, gold fish, etc. and pb sandwiches or the little two like bologna also. i had no idea what she was talking about that is so funny. alway one shoe and it is usually the littlest Brooks girl's.


Miss M was wearing that dang orange chicken all over her new white shirt. Yeah for scool lunches:( said with great sarcasm.

Piper said...

Cute tutus!! What a fun first day! Hope you find the shoes!

Becky said...

I send lunch four times a week and let them buy once--they choose what day they want to buy according to the menu.

We lose shoes sometimes too, but it has not been bad lately. Not sure why.

Amy said...

Just dropped my son off for the first day. He's nervous because his friends have told him his teacher is very nice but strict. So now he thinks he has the mean teacher. It will be interesting to see how he feels when he gets home tonight. But loving the quiet that's going on around here, compliments of the Xbox 360, the 4 year old is completely entertained!

Cara said...

I think Abby is going to be a take your lunch kind of gal. She said the food in the lunch room is disgusting and makes her want to throw up. Cassidy is a hot lunch girl but has been taking her lunch so far. We'll see how it goes.
Shoes - if they are missing I make them look in the car - that's where they tend to end up.

Carie said...

I am way too oragnized and clean to have anything go missing! OK I just wanted to write that to pretend it was true, it's called denial! I will say every single thing of my 13 year old's goes missing! He has the memeory of a flea! We can never ever find homework and never can he find his shoes even if he just took them off! It drives me crazy! Last year I bought him 6 extra ID's for school and 4 new agenda's all because he either lost or broke them, drives me insane!

andrea said...

How cute! I forgot that AZ does all day No wonder you were verklempt yesterday! We still have it for only 2 1/2 hours....not long enough to hardly miss them! Now this next week, sending my guy off to 1st grade....I'll be teary for sure! :(

We do a combo of home and school lunch.....they buy lunch a couple times a week. We're at a charter school, so it's a bit more expensive since the state isn't subsidizing the cost, so they get cheaop home lunches more often. :)

At our house, depends on the child what goes missing.....the 7 year old....loses everything, and can' see it in front of her face. The other two are better, but the 3 year old knows where everything is!

Janeen Romney said...

We always loose one shoe!!! Had no idea she was talking about chinese food, but it makes sense. My elementary school kids pack a lunch. They say the school lunches are gross. They seem to like the lunches in jr. high and high school though.

Laurie M. said...

yay, glad to hear the first day was a success!

mom2three said...

Sounds like day 1 was very successful!
I totally wasn't thinking Chinese food...that is too funny! They have so much more stuff now a days when you buy lunch at school then we did...I remember pizza, but usually you had the meal(only 1) or you could have a peanutbutter sandwich.
My Kindergartner is taking a lunch in her Hannah Montana lunch a uncrustable peanut butter sandwich, cookies, grapes, a fruit roll up and a juice box with a note from me of course that she can't really read yet but it makes me feel better putting it in there!
The missing stuff: SOCKS!

Cecily R said...

We have a HUGE vortex in this house and nothing is safe from it. Nothing.

My kids do school lunch. School lunch is WAY different from when I was a kid. You know, when Friday hamburger day was exciting and there was never a CHOICE...RAD.

tammy said...

I'm laughing at the food in the box. That is funny.

Taylor always buys his lunch, which at the junior high is either pizza, chicken strips or mini burgers. There's more, but those are what he eats over and over again. As long as he's happy.

Connor only buys his lunch if it's spaghetti, breakfast, cheese quesadilla, grilled cheese or pizza. The other days he takes his lunch.

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