Wednesday, August 12, 2009

we made it!

Here's the rundown of my back to school



We were on time for the first day of school !

Here is the line up ....
Peyton age 10 -5th grade

Liberty age 9 -4th grade

Paxton age 8 -3rd grade

Joy age 7- 2nd grade

Hope age 5- Kindergarten

Pierce age 3 - preschool

i stayed up late glamming up Liberty's backpack.

i just added rhinestones to it.

and then making bows

I got to bed around 3:30am.

the alarm went off at 7:00


we hustled and did hair while dad passed out meds, and fed people breakfast. of course there are no super cute pictures of that, since, i was doing hair. it felt like an endless line of people.

while i was doing Joy's and Liberty's hair the hubs took pictures of everyone else.

then at 8:20 when the last of them were done.

we grabbed a group shot or two and bailed.

the hubs dropped me and everyone else at the front of the school,

and i walked Hope to class,

everyone else ran to class

and i walked my baby girl to kindergarten.

i admit i was a tad verklempt .

i shed a couple tears, in front of my friends.

and i didn' t even have sunglasses on.

Pierce was seriously bummed and cried about not going to school today. he wore his backpack into Chevron to get drinks with Dad while i was doing the drop off at the door.

then he was MIFFED he wasn't going home with grandma who came for the traditional first day of school morning.

after that he told me "BYE MOM!"

put on his backpack and climbed up on a chair to unlock the front door and leave.

he's also gotten into the fridge, over and over, he wanted to do something with 3 cubes of butter, and make eggs.

i told him we'd go to the store when i'm done posting. so there you go.

we are off to lunch with my mom! yay!

these are the ones that needed unisom

and i went that route because Benedryl hypes these people up.

and so did the melatonin.

seriously? the night we gave Melatonin to them they didn't go to bed until the hubs was getting up at 9am.

not cool for school.

i'm glad the unisom worked. worst part was, they woke up in the middle of the night(2:00am), and couldn't go back to sleep , so they had to each take another 1/2 or they would have stayed up. i was fully expecting some problems getting up (unisom hangover)

this morning they were bright eyed and bushy tailed.

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Janelle said...

How fun!!! They are too cute in their new school outfits, I love it. & your poor little guy...soon enough, he'll be complaning about going to school everyday!

Carie said...

Seriously those are the cutest skirts ever! I was looking to try and figure out which kid was given unisom and looked hungover, but they all looked fresh as a daisy! You really go all out for your kids first day, they all looked adorable! My kids you ask? Well they are boys and in 8th grade and a Senior, so they were not excited much, and the Senior walked out with a pen and one piece of paper(I got supplies for him at 11pm the night before and the little nutball did not even use them!), and clothes he had worn the day before! Gotta love it!

Laurie M. said...

Happy first day of school. Everyone looked great!

Becky said...

I was verklempt too! yay for getting to school on time--and for having NO kids at home.

Carie said...

Did you add the last part to your post later? I did not see the Unisom part when I read it the first time, I need to know if I am going crazy or not because I am running on zero sleep for the night! Benedryl kills my kids too, they are screaming and crying and violent! Melatonin only work if you are low in it, if your body makes enough then it will cause the opposite effect which is obviously what it did for your kids! Not trying to be a "know-it all" expert, but unfortunetly I kind of am through default!

blah, blah by lindsey said...

love the hair and the outfits!!!

and hip hip hooray for being on time!!!

Jenn said...

Again- what cute kids. One day they will totally look back at how you stay up all night making them bows and beautifying things for them and they are going to totally think you are so rad! And you are!

Laura said...

They look amazing! You really rocked it all. I am so impressed. I love the hair do's!

Ruthie Girl said...

very cute


Hope is just too cute. I love her petti skirt. Best dressed Kindergartener around!

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