Friday, August 7, 2009

date nights , dessert and stalkers

Hot date tonight.

we are debating between GI JOE


Julie and Julia! hello both of my names. and she blogs? from the trailers I've seen i wasn't dying to see it. and yet now that it's out, i kinda wanna go.


no one that comments every post is a stalker (Carie I'm talking to you!) that just makes me like ya alot.

AND my secret fave place is CULVER'S (they have radio commercials.)

"get Culverized"

yeah the sundaes are heavenly.

the burgers are FABULOUS.

and the root beer is delectable (and tastes homemade - if they haven't freaking run out!)

anyway. in AZ the only one i know of is on the north east corner of Country club and Baseline.

they are open from 10 -10. everyday. we missed out on the delight because , the movie ran too late.


we saw Gi Joe and i liked it alot. review coming later. or never , we'll see .

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Devri said...

First oh my goodness! look at that last post! She looks so beautitul at that piano! What!? Where is the video? I want to see GI joe, but I have never heard of julie and julia, or what ever it I so need to get out! have a great date!

Carie said...

What?!? You actually included me in your blog post, now my life has new meaning! Wow.
I just bet one of these days I will see you somewhere, and recognize you from your blog, and I will just act like I know you, since I already kinda do, and you will REALLY think I am a creeper stalker then! Can't Wait!
Thanks for the shout out!
By the way...I didn't want to admit it and seem more stalkerish then I already am, but a few weeks ago your blog actually made it into my dream! That actually kinda creeped me out, but then I figured that I might want to try and get a life, so I can have more things to dream about then blogs!

Lamps Family said...

My hubby just got back from G.I. Joe he didn't care for it to much. I am gonna have to try your "secret" place, it's hard to find really good ice cream now-a-days!

Hulk Granny said...

Any dude who doesn't dig, on some elementary school level, the GI Joe movie needs his head examined. Lets face it: It's a movie, based on a cartoon, which was made for the sole purpose of selling toys. Seriously, what is not to love.

Lamps Family said...

Hulk Granny, that's actually why my hubby didn't like it, he grew up with the cartoon series and he had really high expectations for it, he said it wasn't bad but thinks they could have done a better job.

WishTrish said...

I love Culver's turkey and avocado sandwhiches. Oh, they are TDF!

tammy said...

Okay, I need to go to Culver's when I can actually eat again, I'm sure my fam would love it!

Kathy B! said...

I don't know where you are, and I've never heard of Culvers... but suddenly I want to go there in the WORST WAY :)

Glad you had a good date night.

Scrappy Girl said...

Date nights are FUN!

Dr. Hubby and Manga Dork are going to see GI Joe today! She think Tatum Channing is HOT...I'm not going to argue with her...LOL!

Laura said...

GI Joe would never be for me, ever. I did, however, love 500 days of summer! I am planning on catching Julie and Julia this GNO.

Andrea said...

Oooh I totally want to see G.I.Joe!!! Looks awesome!!

Are You Serious! said...

Okay so did you actually see the Julia show??? I was wondering if it would be worth that watch??? G.I. Joe Looks good! :)

Corree said...

Griffin & I went to Culver's the other night for the first time. The hamburger was so Yummy!!! He has been asking to go back everyday since then!!

sherry said...

Knock it off, you're making me hungry;)

Mariah said...


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