Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whoo a blog redo?

um that would be me. I'm not sure i super love it. but it's sticking around for this week at least.

it's Saturday.

i hit a baby shower this morning. for my cousin's daughter.(who is closer to my age than my cousin is)

we need to go to costco. (dragging kids along ! blech, grumble, grumble)

I'm excited there are ONLY 3 days left until back to school!

i can't tell you how excited i am. I'm kinda scared, since we are SO not back to a decent bedtime schedule. it's gonna be a rude awakening and some long days for kids that sleep past noon.

yeah. love it during the summer. hate it when school starts.

i revamped my blog topper and tag. and got a new template since the other one didn't match.

blog makeovers are so time consuming. and my freaking computer is so dang slow.

of course i blame it on the kids and all the crud they download. all of those kid websites add extra stuff that always seems to slow down my already slow computer kept crashing. which SUCKS!

so there we are.

This is the last weekend before school starts! WHOOHOOO!

and i'm totally sucked into the icarly marathon.

Gotta go!

Freddy just kissed Melanie/Sam.

my kids think it's awesome i sit and watch their shows.

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Scrappy Girl said...

We {heart) iCarly!

Tammy said...

Hi Julie! Love to read your posts! They make me smile, giggle, etc! I do have a question for you? At one time I saw your sister in laws blog that she was selling cute onsies? Is she still doing that? What is her blog address? Thanks Crazy Mom of 6! Love ya!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I'm impressed that you re-did your blog design daughter won my blog design for me that was done by a wonderful design team (thankgoodness!!! or I would still be sitting here two months worth of who-knows what?...and it still might be a work in progress!)

I'm attempting to "create" a button...after that, I gotta figure out how to get the button to actually work!

Carie said... is your blog, and of course you can change it, but I have to say that change scares me just a tad. When I went to your blog and saw it all changed, I panicked just a little at the thought, but it is my hangup not yours, and I will get used to it.
School starting is my fantasy come true, I have been waiting for this day to come since the last day of school, however now that it is here I am not excited to get back into the groove of it all! Like I said I am not a person who embraces change easily, or willingly, but hey, I'll save it for my therapist (haha, like I really have one)! More like save it for that extra big Reeses calling my name secretly at 11 tonight!

Devri said...

lol for some wierd reason, only your blog header is different, I was soo confused! But then I exited, got back on, and their it was. like it! I am in the process of my own blog makeover, big time.. but it will be 3 column, do you like your 3 column? Just want to hear if you like it or not?! cuz you are the queen!

CassiB said...

cute blogover (would that be the word?) so ready for school but at the same time not. not the early rising thing my girls get up at the butt crack of dawn most of the time, must be the farmer ancestry in them? i love i carly too, kinda miss it since we don't have satellite/cable right now.

Carie said...

Yeah, I'm still up cuz I had to do my Sunday shopping, which I debated not doing and just letting everyone eat nothing, but I didn't really care to hear whining and complaining, so I got my butt up and went, but that's not why I'm commenting again. It is because I had meant to tell you that when I saw your last post heading and I saw the word stalker in it I thought for sure you were going to tell us stalkers to take a hike and leave your blog alone! I really did, the paranoid obsessiveness took over and I thought you had enough, glad I was wrong, but thought it was funny that my first thought was...oh crap!

Hulk Granny said...

iCarly is kinda funny, but I prefer Flapjack. Best. Cartoon. Ever.

WishTrish said...

I need to sit down and learn how to do this. Unfortunately, mine is still basic black. It's been that way from the start. I'm too poor to pay someone, and haven't honestly wanted to. I never like the blog designs that I see out there for sale... They don't fit my quirky personality.

Love the new look, but I miss the roses. Loved the roses. ;)

andrea said...

I love the new topper.....and I liked either background, but the roses is you! :)

Mariah said...

That's why we aren't to download ANYTHING, unless we ask for permission! I hate that also, are computer isn't all there:) Don'y you love that?!

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