Friday, August 21, 2009

excuse me while i take this call...

have you ever had one of those days? the kind where everything goes to crap no matter how hard you try to make the best of it.

even if you are being positive and optimistic fate or karma or whatever it is , is gonna take ya down whether you want it to or not.

it's gonna be a crappy day. suck it up and accept it. and when you don't something else comes along to trip you up.

it's like you are drowning even though you are trying your damnedest to freaking just keep swimming.

yeah. i had that day yesterday.

it was shiztastic.


it frankly sucked.

what kills me is i kept trying. and it still bit the big one.

after this person got home from School....

he wanted to go shopping. and i wanted some new clothes, so we were off.

i dropped something off at a friends. and then headed towards the mall.

as we approached. i discovered he was asleep in his seat.(dang it that always happens)

waking him up to shop would end in cranky kid and a shopping nightmare.

so i hopped on the freeway and headed home.

when this happened.

plus the check engine light went on.

i immediately started calling the hubs to ask what i should do.

and got off the freeway at the next exit.

but the van stalled at the light, and i was stuck with a dead car.

i panicked for a whole light. and i called the hubs. imagining mmyself having to push the full size 15 passenger bus (not school), to keep from blocking the dang off ramp forever.

then it restarted. and i called the hubs. and i ignored the no turn on red signs,

because it started i turned anyway. even though it was red.

and i pulled into the nearest place to pull in which happened to be a circle K.

and i kept calling the hubs. and never got an answer.

so i popped the hood and looked inside

and discovered this....

and i called the hubs.

then i texted.

then this guy woke up sweaty and crying in the back in his carseat.

so we went inside, and got frozen beverages. he got orange and i got lemonade.

and i emailed the hubs on my cell phone.

the email said -

HELP URGENT! The van died. Temp went sky high. Something blew. Dead on side of road call me

(i copied it from my sent mail)

and finally he called me back. and said he'd come rescue us.


he was on a freaking conference call again. all freaking DAY!

every minute of every day he looks like this....

THEN. while we waited semi patiently. i took pictures of my loot i bought for myself after my stupid appointment this morning.

this black ring, and i got a pink one too.

and then, i bought this pair of sunglasses. and another pair. because i have a thing for accessories.

while this guy enjoyed his beverage .

finally the hubs showed up 40 minutes after my first desperate call.

can you see inside the car? he's on the phone.

while i was sitting waiting and sweaty. and on facebook on my phone.

i showed him what was wrong. it was a bonus that he'd bought spare parts last time this thing blew so it was an easy fix , then fill back up the coolant thingy and the radiator and we could finally go. and i'd parked right next to the air/water deal.

he was even on the phone while he fixed it.

the he got to drive the van home and i took the crappy car. and he talked on the phone the whole way home.

i was HOT . super Hot and unhappy. and what do i do when i'm in that state?

i strip as soon as i walk in the door and lay down in my super cool , air conditioned,fan blowing darkened bedroom.

while my sidekick watched noggin.

except dang it the neighbor showed up and needed something from me.

so then i went back to lay down .

and then it was time to get the kids from school so i put clothes on to go retrieve them, and as i'm walking out to the car. the herd was almost home.

GAH! i got dressed for NOTHING?

after that i couldn't go lay down again. so that sucked. a whopping 20 minutes of cooling down and peace?


eventually i cooked dinner and danced in the kitchen and i felt pretty good for that little while.

then my mom came for dinner and we discussed

all of my delights of the day.

and school.

and work.

and getting a maid.

and other things that make me cranky.

and then?

my tonsil was hurting so bad i was gonna core it out with a melon baller myself.

after a long evening of baths and homework, i needed a treat. so we hit my fave place.

and now all is right in the world again.

but i can't believe how things kept sucking.

i wanted to cry more than a few times. but i resisted.

i wanted to scream at someone. and i resisted.

and i wanted to flip people the bird and i resisted.

so there is was. aren't you glad i shared the drama with you.

i realize a positive attitude can't fix everything. or prevent crap from happening.

dang it all!

what is your favorite flavor of frozen beverage?



isn't my new ring delightful? i lurve it.

car problems always suck. what would you do if it happened to you?

have you ever wanted to flip someone the bird for making a lame facebook comment on your status?

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Scrappy Girl said...

I love frozen drinks...that ring is so cool...btw...I came home from vacation with a pair of Skechers twinkle toes "cause they will look so cute with the tutus"...maybe you shouldn't show me anything else...LOL!

Hope today is better for ya!

CassiB said...

shiz happens. and it seems like if life is going to shiz on you it has to be a freaking truckload of shiz it drops on ya. =)
my fave frozen beverage is a homemade orange strawberry banana smoothie. otherwise it is a starbucks orange peach mango which they no longer have =(. it had fiber and soy protein so it was like a meal and beverage all in one!
o i adore your new ring. i'm not so big on accessories myself but always admire them on other people. i guess maybe i just second guess myself too much or there is too much energy involved picking out. then i don't think they look right so i take them off.
never had car troubles, knock on wood. and it sometimes causes major anxiety attacks when the gas light even comes on!
who did you need to flip off? hopefully not me =). i'm so non-confrontational that i just ignore and don't comment on them for awhile. lol i sound like such a wuss!

Becky said...

I am sick of car problems myself! I told my husband not to bother getting our van fixed again--it would be throwing good money after bad. Now it just sits here by our house.

Threeundertwo said...

Car problems drive me up the wall. I can handle almost anything else.

My husband? His life is a conference call. I feel your pain.

Carie said...

My whole life is one big fat bad karma day! I feel like I have dodged the bad karma day if my child didn't poop in the shower that day, if he did, then I always know that I'm screwed for sure!
Once I was driving 45 down a busy Gilbert street, and it was getting drak and my devil child threw a shoe at me and hit my keys just right and it instantly turned off my car while it was still goin 45 in the middle of traffic, it really scared the hell out of me! I was able to manuver my dead car onto the side only due to the momentum of already going 45, but it was dang hard with no power! Scared the crap out of me, I called the fantastic husband and told him I didn't know what was wrong(it happened so fast that I was in shock), he said yeah well I'm busy watching Hell's Kitchen so try and start it, and I'm sure you'll be fine. Gee ok, thanks a million honey baby for caring!

andrea said...

You did so well not losing it during that ordeal.....I would of for sure. I hope today is better. Doesn't it have to be?!

Very cute ring!

Carie said...

Well I do have to say I'm impressed even in your bad car situation, you managed to capture pictures so you could blog about this for us, that's how you know your a dedicated blogger when your in a horrible situation and you are like, hey wait let me take a picture first before my car blows up or we all die of heat stroke, these things might happen, but Dammnit at least you got the picture!

sherry said...

You and your accessories are fabulous! If it were me I sure as heck wouldn't have made dinner. I would have put the husband in charge of feeding the children. And gotten myself a treat. That kind of happens a lot around here, come to think of it....the root of my weight issues? P.S- my 3 year old digs your playlist. She has been dancing in front of the mirror for the last 4 songs...

Libby said...

I hate those kinds of days. Glad the hubs got there to rescue you. Hey, you could've been stranded with all the kiddos. Wouldn't that have been fun? Good thing for Circle K. So, where'd you get the darling ring? Love it! How's the tonsil? Oh, and where did you go for your treat last night? Hope you have a better one today.

Jen said...

yep shizzy days happen but at least you know you can survive the shizzy days you know?! LOVE the ring and sunglasses. And you know my fav beverage so no need to go there.

Kayci said...

I LOVE your ring! I have one very similar and it's my favorite! Our family fav frozen bev is the orange creamsicle at QT. And about husbands and phone calls~ I try SO hard to not call my husband at work unless he doesn't answer my texts, emails, or skype messages. And I ONLY call when I really need him RIGHT THEN, but it's nearly impossible to get him to answer! I usually have to call his assisstant and demand that he not be allowed to answer any more calls until he calls me back! I've left him messages from the Urgent Care with the kids, or as I'm sitting in the car in the garage and realizing he took off for work with the carseats in HIS car and somehow didn't notice!?!?!
So frustrating!

Megan said...

I found you through tip junkie - caught my attention that you write notes to your kids' teachers at the beginning of the school year about how best to deal with your kid. Seems like a great idea and I'd love more info. Well, while I was here, I read through your last month or so of posts and really enjoyed reading your blog. I'm a mom and thyroid cancer survivor, too. It's nice to meet you!

tammy said...

Loving the ring!! Sorry you had the day from hell.

Amy said...

Hate those days! I hope today is better.

Sharyl said...

OMG!! I love your sunglasses. And you have made me LOL!!! BIG TIME..this is how my day was too. And my hubs is terrible with that phone. hugs! Sharyl

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