Friday, August 21, 2009

you might be a winner?

my Brother in law and his wife are adopting a baby any stinking day now. and they are uber excited. this happens to be my fabulous Photographer brother in law,

the one that did our family pictures for our Christmas cards. 2 years ago. and the pic at the bottom of my blog. he is EXCELLENT and super talented.

here are a few of my faves he's shot of our family....

you wonder what i'm getting at right? well he's doing a fun contest/game on his photography blog. to celebrate the gift they are receiving.

i'm just sharing the wonder. go check it out for details.

but i'll tell ya he's giving away a 1 hour sitting (which is a $300 value) to the person that guesses the closest to the weight and length . as always certain exclusions and limitations apply.

so go check it out. HERE whoever wins is one lucky person. seriously.

and yay! a new baby to hold , AND MAYBE secretly sniff his delicious new baby head.

so that is that. whoohooo! contest alert.


now about me. since it's always about me? sure.

as crappy as yesterday was , today was the total and complete opposite.


during preschool i went and got a deluxe pedicure. so i could start out my school year with my best foot forward. i picked fluorescent pink and black checkerboard with silver glitter


i went on a quest for something that i could wear to school. and at home because i would hate to be that "dorky old lady from class" not that i want to look like i'm trying to be 18 again because i'm SO NOT!

the first store had nothing for me. but i hit another at the mall and scored some fab new jeans. and a cute jacket for layering. and a fabulous black dress to wear around. it could go anywhere depending on the jewelry and shoes.

then i went to a different location of the first store and bought some basics. and some totally me T-shirts. that means there was bling and a fab neckline. because I SO DON'T DO plain basic crew neck shirts.

now all i need are some slutty shoes. i mean updated sexy black peep toe heels and I'd look HOT. which i am at a loss for because 1. i'm more comfort over looks and 2. i don't wear average shoe sizes and other than shopping where tranny's buy their shoes (which is a great idea) i'm screwed. nobody carries what i want, in my shoe size dang it.but i'll live.

so tonight i've got a hot date with the hubs. when people asked what we have planned and i told them...dinner, movie, ravishment. in that order. {wink}

have a fabulous evening, and go check out the Still Life studios Blog.

after you leave me your comment of course!

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CassiB said...

so glad today was better than yesterday! yay new baby to snuggle!!

Jenifer said...

Okay, I looooove to smell baby heads and people always look at me like i'm a weirdo when I say that. It's by far the best smell in the world! Way to go on the clothes! Glad today was better.

Lamps Family said...

I didn't know Matt was your brother in law!! I use to live across the street from Matt and Dani I am so excited for them. I love all of your pics by the way!!

Matt Wheeler said...

Should be fun Julie ... thanks for the love. And glad to hear that you and Lance are still dating ... I started off my date with Dani on a phone call from him.

Kimm said...

Have you tried for shoes? A couple of my ladies recommend that website over and over. They do have a great selection, however I am not sure if you are a "I have to try them on before I buy them" person like me. But they do offer free shipping both ways if you need to return them.

tammy said...

Score on the finds! Hey, what size shoe do you wear? You can email me your answer. A friend in my ward bought some shoes for her sister and she can't wear them, so she wants to give them to someone who can use them. I immediately thought of you because you're so tall, I thought you may be close to this size.

onehm said...

:) New clothes always make a happy girl!!

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