Thursday, August 20, 2009

Note To Self: Thursday 13

just a couple notes to myself. lessons learned throughout the morning

as things didn't go as well as i would have liked. some things are choices that go wrong, and some just aren't goin' my way. sometimes i need a reminder or a laugh to keep myself from making the same mistake twice.

1.DON'T go to bed with wet hair, it's hell on your short hairstyle and leaves you looking like crud for the morning rush.

2. DON'T underestimate Pierce he can and will wiggle out of the bus seat belt and refuse to get back in. Then you'll have to retrieve him from the bus that couldn't move from the middle of the road because he was no longer buckled in. the embarassment because you had to retrieve him with bedhead(see #1) and saw people you knew was FABULOUS. talk about the walk of shame back to the car. your ego needed to be taken down a notch anyway. just smile and pretend you loved it.

3. DON'T piddle around on Facebook instead of doing hair and getting Pierce ready for school. because THEN when you have leave for your appointment you have to go with wet hair that dries in a feathered wave instead of nice and straight.

4. DON'T forget to take your cell phone out of your Bra-ket (bra pocket)before you take off your shirt and bra in one swoop, or it WILL fall on the floor and fall apart.

5. Don't lay down with wet hair for medical testing. because when you are done laying down and get to sit back up, your hair has once again dried in a stupid unfortunate way. and you get to saunter on through the lobby and wherever you go afterward with STUPID LOOKING HAIR.

6. DO always stop and buy yourself a trinket after going to testing appointments. it always turns a bad day into a great one.

7.Do buy lunch and a beverage on the way home. you didn't get anything to drink all day and you are parched.

8. DO drink Pepsi or Coke when you have a sore throat. the Cola burns off the phlegm.

9. DO remember just because a shirt is clean it doesn't mean you should wear it.

10. DO clean-out your closet of all the clothes that are unflattering, unattractive or outdated BEFORE you ask if you can go buy a back to school wardrobe. "but look, i have nothing in my closet to wear" said with an innocent look in your eyes.

11. DON'T let the hubs read # 10 ((WINK))

12. DO call and get a copy of the final test report for your records. even after the dr. calls with news.

13. Do remain optimistic and find humor where you can. remember:just because there is a worst case scenario doesn't mean it applies to you. worry when it's warranted and not before.

and really no worries peeps. this test was no biggie. just routine follow up. nothing i haven't been subjected to before.

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Kimm said...

I ALWAYS drink something carbonated when I have a sore throat. I swear it burns off the phlegm too!

Maybe I should go back to school to get new clothes! Great idea!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ You crack me up! The wet hair thing SOOOO true! :)

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I read you "comment" above the "comments" I totally get what you're saying about not getting comments... I feel the same way! :)

Melissa said...

Having a sense of humor is so big. I'm finally starting to find mine. Let's have a giggle together. This post is a good start.

Here's hoping for good results and lots of new clothes in your future...just don't tell the hubs :)

CassiB said...

i like mt. dew for sore throats.
maybe i could leave the house every night and act like i am going to school, so that i could warrant a back to school wardrobe.
you can take off your bra and shirt in one movement? i cannot. that could come in handy!
short curly hair is worse to fall asleep with it wet, i wake up with not just a feather but also an afro.

Jen said...

LOVE the list! We didn't buy any treats on the way home from ours, but I did hurry and have a DP first thing since I was good and remaind calm the whole way through. LOL about the hair. Hope the rest of your day went better (besides the car!).

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