Thursday, August 6, 2009

fluorescent pink nail polish

Joy brought me this checklist /bill . i thought she wanted a back to school makeover.

she's 7. which had me scared thinking,"what is she gonna want from me when she's 17?"

then she brought me the barbie styling head. They had given it a makeover and that was the bill.

funny girls.

she saw my fabulous new fluorescent pink nail polish i got at bunko the other night, and she wanted a mani/pedi.

i told her she could just have her toes painted. LATER

Pierce wants his done too. it's SO not happening!

i have to say my fluorescent pink nails make me look super tan, and it looks fabulous under water! i couldn't help admiring them in the pool. i almost snapped a picture of them

OH, speaking of tan, and bunko, i was sitting down at a new table, and the girl across from me informed me "WOW, that is some tan cleavage!" what can i say? I've been getting that alot lately.

well, Happy Thursday!

Liberty has her piano recital tonight. it should be delightful.

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Carie said...

I really can't get over how stalkerish I always feel leaving comments on your blog, but hey I have to amuse myself somehow, and you happen to be quite amusing, so there ya go! Come on just give in and paint yours boys toes, really does it hurt anything? My son is obsessed with nail polish, and loves to dump it out all over, so finally on 4th of July I gave in and painted the toes on one foot red, he was thrilled! I said nothing, and when we were at my mom's eating my husband looked down and was horrified to see his son's toes painted red!

Devri said...

Funny, I feel like I am a comment stalker too, but I feel like that one 99 percent of people I comment.. Oh well, lol

I need some flourecent Pink nails to go along with my flourecent Orange cast! man, If I already have glitter toes! oh well, you and your fab clevage have a great night!

jes said...

this was all way too funny!

jes said...

oh, and lily was bugging me the other day when we were over that way about a sleep over.............remember, i don't believe in them.

CassiB said...

how funny. that joy would sure fit in over here. i would have had some warning about a makeover tho they post signs all through the house which way to go to get to the beauty parlor.
florescent pink never looked very good on me i think.
tan cleavage is so much better than pink. i need to get rid of my halter tan, maybe tomorrow i'll undo my straps ;) hope you have a fabulous thursday night.

Taryn said...

when mine were little and I painted the girls nails Wyatt always wanted his painted too. So I finally went and got some that was clear but glowed in the dark to do his. I would also paint with it on top of his feet or back of his hands. That way it wasn't just his nails which kept his Dad from flipping out. :0)

Mariah said...

I feel you, people say to me all the time" your sssooo tan/dark, etc. I get that A LOT, TOO! Well, atleast we look pretty 'radulous!!!

:) That's all i have to say

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