Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine goes into the whole "sponge-worthy" discussion? defined here on Urban dictionary,

or here's the clip off of youtube.

yeah well one time i was at Tarjay and they had come back out with "the Today sponge" so i bought some. thinking hey RAD! i'm so gonna try this.(aren't you glad i share this?)

well, we only used it one time (the failure rate was too high at the time). but i had bought like 3 boxes .

honestly , they've just sat there, losing out to other methods of birth control

awhile back some kid found the box, and dumped out the packages. (little white plastic coated packages ). they've kinda floated around the room, put in a drawer , stuck on a shelf as i've found them.

well today Pierce found a plastic-y package and opened it. Joy thought it was so cool they came in fighting over it.


He found a WHOLE NEW USE for the Today sponge.


I'm MOTHER OF THE YEAR now right?

(i admit i took it away immediately, then i gave it back so i could get a picture knowing this was going on the blog.)

SO...i hafta wonder what you think?

today sponge? have you ever tried them?

do you remember the Seinfeld episode?

what would you have done if your kids came in playing with various contraceptive devices?

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Carie said...

I remember the episode, and I have to say I have never tried them. We have the best method ever, you might have heard of is called abstinense...this is how it works...we each sleep in different rooms and beds, and make sure to never "visit" each other, and there ya go! It really works quite well if I say so myself!

mom2three said...

oh my gosh, that is the most hilarious thing ever! Oh yes I remember the Seinfeld of my favs. I have to say I have never used a sponge, nor have I seen one in!
I am not sure what I would do if my kids found certain unmentionable things....ya know I would probably do the same thing as you, take a picture and blog about it to the world.
Too funny!

Lamps Family said...

That is hilarious, I have never used them myself but I have a feeling if we had them around that my kids would do something like that! My son seems to think that tampons are his own little torpedo's I often find them all over the house. Although if one of my kids did that I would laugh grab the camera and laugh some more! Kids are so funny!

Scrappy Girl said...

Never tried them.

I remember that episode.

One time my 2 little ones took a package of pantiliners and unwrapped them to make a giant ball!

I usually laugh and get the camera.

BTW...I went back to a TJMaxx while in Columbus Ohio yesterday...bought 2 more is black with light pink edges and light pink bow...the other is hot pink with black edges and black bow with white polka cute! You have created a monster! LOL!

CassiB said...

LOVE Seinfeld! so funny.
no i have never used them, i use the pill, i've only tried a few backup b/c: after a baby, switching pills. times like that, otherwise if i was off the pill we were trying.
i remember that episode. we want to get the whole dvd box set one of these days.
i usually just crack up when something like that happens although they've never found anything more incriminating than tampons.

Ruthie Girl said...

never used the sponge, probably a lot better than a tubal.

I let me son play with my tampons. He has no clue.

Ruthie Girl said...

clean of course, and he finds it on his own.

Becky said...

Katie got Nudell as well--she is glad to know Liberty is in her class.

Too funny about the sponges!

Jamie said...

LOL That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!!!! My kids are wondering what I am laughing about!!

onehm said...

:) LOL. Your kids are the most creative little people ever!

Never tried it. We haven't used much birth control in our marriage until the little man arrived...

TOTALLY remember the Seinfeld episode. It's a fave for sure.

blah, blah by lindsey said...

loved that episode! seeing that on pierces arm as a bracelet??? holy cow!! that made me laugh!

never used them.

jes said...

that episode was the funniest! your kids are very entertaining.

Hulk Granny said...

I have memories as a 7-8 year old, pulling these cool little white tubes out of the trash that connected with eachother, and putting them on my fingers like I was Arsenio Hall. It took me years to finally realize why my sister, who was living at home at the time, screamed at me when she saw what I was doing.

I was actually playing one like a mini trombone...

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