Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The freakshow that was meet the teachers.

look at those faces! do they look excited to meet their teachers?
everyone except Paxton who apparently has an aversion to sitting next to Joy.

today my facebook status said it all .

Julie Jones-WheelerCrazymamaof6-The freakshow is over. Taking 6 kids to meet 5 teachers. We were all exhausted and embarrassed. I'm taking the last one to meet his teacher alone.

the girls were miffed because Pierce embarrassed them in front of the boys they are crushing on.(and awesome exciting news for Joy, Riggs is in her class! hallelujah, oh wait that's another year i'll have to hear about her in love with him and she wants to marry him, yadda yadda! OY!

in Liberty's class there was apparently a stray somersault that resulted in kicking a random lady, and the eldest had to apologize for Pierce's behavior.
(i had to bring Pierce because the hubs was on a call, and his meet the teacher was at another school right after this one)

we met 5 teachers. saw the ELP teacher. the speech therapist and the principal. and countless friends in roughly 45 minutes. it could have been faster if i didn't have to fill out paperwork but somehow there was paperwork to fill out.

so we took our time. youngest to oldest. even though the older kids grumbled that they are always last. "why can't we go oldest to youngest?"

i always reply, "because, the younger ones will be naughtier if they have to wait."

which i kind of doubt that is possible, but I'm not testing it.

Then since everyone was so miffed with Pierce, the two of us went to meet his teacher and see his classroom together ALONE.

everyone else wanted to go home and do more of nothing.
gotta maximize the last couple days of summer.

when we got done, visiting with his teacher, the aide and the speech therapist he wanted to play on the way to the car.

after that grand time we went home, and i was really tired. (of being with kids)
so ....

Julie Jones-WheelerCrazymamaof6 Ran away from home.

7:35 pm 8/10/09

(for some retail therapy)

and finished off the last of the back to school shopping. ALONE.

i came home after 10pm to 6 wide awake children.

Julie Jones-Wheeler

the prodigal mother has returned. to 6 wide awake kids. lucky me. :(

3 hours ago ·

then i sat down and tackled the sorting of the school supplies. ALONE. i didn't want anyone to help me. i had my lists. my label maker. and a pile of school supplies. this is what back to school looks like. for us. AND i am only sending 1 box of tissues when some teachers asked for 2 or 3. seriously. one costco pack is enough of 8boxes, divided is enough for now. i'll send more later in the year. same with glue sticks.

These are my favorite pens EVER! i love them . i carry one in my wallet.
i use one at bunko. i love these pens. just so you know. these are the best!
so these, are for ME! yay me! can you guess which one i love most?

and these are the un-embellished backpacks. i loaded them up when i got done sorting and labeling every one's stuff.

I don't think that I'll get to embellishing them. I'm feeling kind of guilty, but really? they are cute already. do they need embellishing?

and here is Paxton's backpack.

with a bouquet of sharpened pencils

(just like in you've got mail)

when i was done sorting, i had a box of everything left over so i made a homework box, that i put away, and when the kids get home i get it out for them to do their homework with.

crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue sticks, a pencil sharpener. etc.

it holds all of the things that they need, but i don't want around all the time.


yup. so i'm still gearing up.


what do you think? do the backpacks need embellishing?

what order do you go in? youngest to oldest? or oldest to youngest?

If you ran away where would you go and what would you do?

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Devri said...

embellishing for mine, nope, but embellishing for those, yup! YOu got a reputation to uphold!

With school, I go from oldest to youngest, that way it gives me an edge of threatining, "if you don't be good, we will not go see your teacher!"

runaway is such a nonreality for me, that I would have no idea what to do with myself. true dhat!

CassiB said...

i love the look on paxton's face. and i love hope's dress! i am not an embellisher so i would say no they are cute enough. my girls are using the same backpacks this year so after this crazy work week i might embroider their names on them. just to spice them up. i usually go birth order, no reason but somethings call for reverse birth order. for meet the teacher i went birthorder just because that's how they set it up each meet the teacher was a half hour apart so i took each one individually. i run away all the time, sometimes it's as close as the bath tub and sometimes as far away as the temple, sometimes it's in between like target or tarjay if you prefer.

Taryn said...

I just right down the teachers in the order I can find them on the list and we usually wander aimlessly down the hall until we see a teacher's name that's on the list. lol No fighting that way.

I'm not sending in all of the supplies on the first day either. They don't need 48 pencils on day one so that the teacher can put them all in one big box for everyone in the class. I can't afford to furnish school supplies for all the classes so I'll hand out pencils in smaller quantities as needed. Same with everything else. lol

If I ran away I would probably just go some place quiet and sit in the car by myself.

mom2three said...

Holy wowza that is a lot of school supplies!!!
If I were to run away I think I would go to a movie by myself and then get some retail shoe therapy...

andrea said...

That picture is GREAT! What is daily life if one sibling isn't annoyed with another?! We've had a lot of that going on here, which leads me to be annoyed with the offending parties. I'm excited for school to start so they will possibly like each other again after some time APART!

I also don't understand why we have to furnish school supplies for the whole class...if everyone would furnish a box of kleenex, would they really have to ask for 2-3 from the parents that do send them in? And if EVERYONE bought their kids pencils, would my kid have to bring a big box of 24 for all the other kids? I think no.

Oh, and you better embellish those backpacks! You have to! :)

Cara said...

1st of all I love how you incorporated your FB in with your blog - very clever!
2nd I love the homework box idea! Clever again!
3rd - the backbacks are grand and don't need embellishing.
4th - you rock and it's only 1 more day till you are singing the freedom song!!

Becky said...

Homework box idea is fabulous! Smart woman!

Fun seeing you yesterday--sorry it did not go so great.

tammy said...

I've got it easy. One kid in elementary, takes 20 mins. at his meet the teacher. One kid in Jr. High, his meet the teachers is on a totally separate night. But next year could get interesting if Taylor goes to another district or charter school.

Mariah said...

Ok, that pink Roxy backpack, i want it,, my mom.. (Melanie) want TO KNOW WHERE YOU GOT IT!!! e-mail my mom!!!! I so want it... love, love, love ROXY! (Sigh)


Susan said...

Step away from the backpacks those are darling and don't need a thing.

I don't think I even have the energy for running away even in my imagination.

I am packing up our house and the kids wont start school until we move.

Cripes. I so need them in school.

blah, blah by lindsey said...

our meet the teacher took an hour and that was with 2 kids! jeez!

a random somersault? that is the funniest thing i have heard today!

i saw no to embellishing backpacks, but that is just because it sounds like a lot of work and i am pretty lazy

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I adore Flair pens!!! Those are my favorite, too.

I wouldn't embellish the backpacks, but I'd trick them out with some shrinky dink name tags and zipper pulls. I'm all about the Shrinky Dinks lately.

I don't want to run away alone, but if I could pack us all up and move somewhere I'd move around from warm locale to warm locale until I found one I loved. I'd start in Crete, then go to Australia, and then to Hawaii. Ahh, now I'm dreaming!!

Eliza said...

We don't have to buy any school supplies at all but we have to pay a $20 fee (per kid, plus a $12 snack fee for kindergarteners) to the school for them. I think it's easier, I'm just not sure it's cheaper but from the looks of your pile, maybe... Cute backpacks why stress yourself out? We haven't had meet the teacher yet but we'll probably go youngest to oldest but I only have 2 at the elementary school we have middle school here 5th-7th grade :(

Carie said...

OH MY HOLY HECK that is a lot of school supplies! I really thought I bought a lot until I saw your pile, now I know why the stores are out of supplies, cuz you took them all! I can only imagine your pile of stocking stuff! Also, those backpacks are to die for! I always say I'm glad I have boys, but you sure don't get to buy the cute things for boys, they are just dead boring! Just in case you wondered why I commented so late, it is because my computer has been down since yesterday, and I just saw your comment to me on my blog, and guess what? I am not computer smart enough to know what you mean by enabling my email, heck I thought it was enabled, do you mean you need my email address, sorry you have to be a little more specific because computers don't come natural to me, I'm happy to do what you asked, but first I have to know what you mean. Happy first day of school tomorrow!

Carie said...

Oh by the way, I want to run away too, can I hitch a ride?

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