Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why i'm not Mother of the Year reason #63

i debated admitting this, but sometimes i feel compelled to confess my inadequacies. it's just another service i offer my readers. so they can feel excellent about themselves and their parenting skills.

so here we go. reason #63 of why i'm not mother of the year ...

in order for a child to get enough sleep tonight (back to school eve) i had to give him half of a unisom to help him go to sleep.

In my defense.
~the kid slept in until 3pm . even after we had tried and tried to wake him up.

~i was stressed all afternoon about how i was going to get him to to go bed for the back to school schedule.

~i couldn't just send him to school on 2 hours of sleep? or less?

so with this excellent solution, everyone was asleep by 9:15 which hasn't happened in months.

i was DELIGHTED and so relieved .

i was seriously worried about them getting enough sleep , and getting up in time to go to school.

AH. now i just have to worry about getting 3 girls hair done.

and 5 kids out the door by 8:15!

i'm a little nervous for Hope who is starting kindergarten. (i hope she has a great day) she's gone to school before and she doesn't nap, so it's not a huge adjustment . at least i don't think it will be.


and Pierce and I have one more day together before he starts school , it will give me a chance to ease into getting all 6 ready.

holy cow!

So this is it for tonight. I'm gonna go whip up some bows. (since i never got around to that)
and then. hit the hay.

i have a feeling I'll be napping my first day away.

I'll post pictures once i get everyone out the door. so it's gonna be a multiple post day.

and here is my first day of school song. i posted it the last two years so i might as well again.

oh what do you do with the scho0-0ol time , when all of your kiddos are gone?
do you drink sonic Lime aide?
do you nap all the day?
do clean all morn-ning loooooooong?
oh what do you doooooooo? i think I bloGGGGGGGG!

OH what do you do with your schooool time when all the kids are gone?
do you tan in the sun?
do you take a long run?
do you shop from 9 to 1?
is that what you dooooooo?
that sounds so fuuuuuuuunnnn!

i have so many options i don't know what to do.

I've considered ....

  • painting my hall bathroom.
  • cleaning
  • hitting the laundry mat with a mountain of bedding.
  • going to lunch
  • getting a pedicure ( this is what I'd do! if only i had the money! sigh)
  • hitting the community college to finally register myself for classes.and deal with that stuff. that i haven't been able to go do yet.
  • go shopping.
  • go to the pool and lay out.
  • mop my filthy floors
what i'll probably do? post pics, then screw around on FB for awhile. then go to lunch with the hubs since i don't have any better offers. and maybe clean and reorganize something.

Since most of those things on my list aren't conducive to having Pierce home, I'll have to wait until he is gone before i can tackle my list.

AH! i love back to school!

sure i come off as bipolar with the ups and downs. excited and stressed. anxiety over it and whining it's not coming fast enough, but in the end i love it.

i believe i might even miss them. well, most of them. as long as they aren't bickering or making messes. yes i do believe i might miss the kids.

( see i seriously need some space so i have a chance to miss them.)

i hope they have a great day.

i'm hoping they super love it.

it's so much easier to send them when they like their teachers, and have friends. and i don't worry as much.

yes i do worry , even though i don't often sound like i do.

in case you forgot why i'm not mother of the year reason #63, it was...drugging my kid to go to sleep. awesome!

OH and don't judge me. or call CPS . or anything like that.



do you think i'm a horrible mom?

you saw my list, what do you think i should do with my first day of relative freedom?

admit it, my song making up abilities rock. so what if i recycle that bad boy every year?

happy 1st day to those starting today too.

and be sure to check back later. pictures are promised. you don't wanna miss that.

and everyone else that are still on summer break? NEENER ! NEENER! NEENER!
nanny nanny boo boo!

BWAHAHAHAHA! (that is my evil cackle laughing at those that have a few more weeks of summer)

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Ruthie Girl said...

It is a good thing mothering is not a contest.

My daughter will be getting herself dressed, feeding herself, and walking to school all by herself since I won't get home until 8am. Yeah-no not really.

Don't mind the drugging, maybe it is the nurse in me. Next time just do benadryl since it is dosed for kids better.

Peace out.

(I say community college. Even if you take P, life is so much easier with only one child.)

Melissa said...

I wondered how your kids were asleep when I read your post on facebook. Why didn't I think of that? Seriously?! All my kids have the opposite effect with benedryl. They get wired- so I wasn't going there. I didn't even think of unisom. I just figured all my kids will be super tired for school, but then go to bed early and catch up on their sleep tomorrow. I don't know if I'll be able to handle the crankiness though.

CassiB said...

you already know my feeling on the meds. it's basically the same thing with a few differences in the inactive ingredients. and i grew up taking benedryl most of my life due to allergies and that was what there was. love your school time song even if it is recycled. i'm going to spend my first day working. i only have one daycare kid so i was going to have my sis watch her a bit and finish a job i started last night.
and maybe go out to lunch, probably not with my hubs tho just me and the one kiddo. hope you have a great first day!

Jenn said...

LOL- it's all good. I personally wouldn't give meds to my kids to make them sleep, but I don't judge either.

School is still two and a half weeks away for my kids so these moments of what to do with my time haven't even entered my head yet. But I am taking all of your list into consideration.

Becky said...

Now he will be well rested for his first day of school. Only good moms ensure that happens.

elle said...

I'm getting kinda worried now. I mean, i am SO not a morning person, but as long as my son keeps potty training, he is going to start preschool tuesday. Me, a 3 year old and a 5 month old out the door dressed and feed by 8. Oh My.

mom2three said...

I have to say I kinda sorta do the same thing...we are all melatonin addicts, if my daughter doesn't take one she is up every hour and can't sleep. WE ALL MUST HAVE SLEEP!
Love the song it could totally be hip hop..haha!
As for your list hmmmm...I say you have like 175 or so days to clean and paint...a nice nap and a tan sound great!

Carie said...

I'm going to judge you big time! I'm just kidding. I actually find it hysterical, and wonder if you could send some unisom right on over to me? I think it's mean and cruel, just when the kids get use to a schedule they go and have fall break which ruins it all! I can tell you what my days would be filled with if I had all my kids gone ~ sitting and watching all my DVR shows and eating some Costa Vida sweet pork salad with extra ranch and not moving the entire time the kids were gone, then when they got home they could clean the house and cook dinner that I just couldn't find the energy for...but then we all know this is a fantasy that aint gonna come true!

tammy said...

I always have to give my boys help to go to sleep the eve before school starts. Otherwise they're too nervous and excited and can't get to sleep and then they don't want to wake up. I've found a homeopathic pill that dissolves under your tongue that doesn't have an after effects. I take it when Luvpilot is snoring too.

I have actually gotten a lot done with my boys in school for the past two weeks. It's been nice.

Good luck in getting all six ready!

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