Monday, August 10, 2009

I have a reputation to uphold.

it's back to school eve eve eve

meaning on Wednesday i get to shove the herd out the door and send them packing, to school

and savor the silence.

ok not really silence so much as near solitude. (i say near because Pierce doesn't start until Thursday but he doesn't talk much so it's close enough)

and that my friends, is worth celebrating!

except for all of my whining about how hard and loud and long the summer has been .

every day a test of my patience,

I'm now suddenly stressing over the whole back to school fiasco.

it's mostly self inflicted stress.


  • flower clips.
  • necklaces.
  • blingtastic backpacks

i feel compelled to do these things, because i have a reputation to uphold.

a reputation that includes perfectly accessorized girls.

sure the boys skate by with unkempt hair and un-brushed teeth,

but the GIRLS? they must always be well groomed and accessorized.

and I've been putting off the inevitable. and now, I'm frozen in terror of not being ready.

the pathetic part is... i could have done these things anytime. days ago. MONTHS AGO.

but no, i put it off to the last 3 days. and now i'm feeling the pressure. and it's my own dang fault.

where is the logic there?


Also. the whole sleep schedule, is NOT under control.

i attempted re-training everyone to a decent bedtime, and wake up time. last week, and the week before. and really didn't want anyone to stray from the normal school year schedule. but i have a family of night owls. and they like to stay up late and then sleep in and honestly i like to do that too.

so seriously it seemed like punishment for me. to remain on a school year schedule all summer, or get up early myself so i can retrain these people to get up early.

so it was a half hearted effort. i even resorted to passing out melatonin hoping that would do the job and so far, it hasn't helped AT ALL.

maybe I'm doing it wrong.


i need to suck it up and just start on all of the things bugging me.

i need to quit wasting time redoing my topper and going back to my beloved roses. (i will now that it's done again. hee hee) and GET IT DONE .

I have to just start those things niggling at the back of my brain, making me feel unprepared and anxious.

i'll get right on that.....

after i confess something I'd had in that last post but deleted because it didn't really go with it,

so now, in the interest of full disclosure, i confess that...last night, at 11:30 pm, we, (the hubs and I) took the little devil, Pierce to walmart with us, in the middle of the night, shoe-less. THEN we let him walk around.

yes . we have become those people.

he was fully clothed minus shoes.

but i found it funny people mentioned "those people" and i'd just deleted that snippet out of the post.

it did go apparently. and it was a helluva day. let me tell you.

WHITE TRASH? perhaps. but perfectly accessorized white trash thankyouverymuch!

(and it wasn't me having that grand idea of taking the wide awake kid along. i would have happily left him home with the kids that were up playing video games until 2 am.)

well it's 1:30 i think i'll go tackle a couple craft projects.

when i'm done maybe i'll take pics. i know you love my crafty fabulousness.

questions for Today!?!

  • did you spot my "bouquet of sharpened pencils" in the topper? can you name the movie that line is from?
  • do you have a reputation? what is it? do you like it and try to keep up with it, or wish you didn't have one at all?
  • what time do you make your kids go to bed and wake up during the school year?

Happy first day of school wishes to those starting today! enjoy your freedom and think of me scrambling to get my last minute crud done.

i'll be celebrating soon enough on Wednesday.

Happy Monday!

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Elise said...

Hi, just wanted to stop by to say how much I've enjoyed your posts. Thank you !

Scrappy Girl said...

Bedtime for 2 little ones...9:00 pm wake up 8:00 AM.

Bedtime for Manga Dork...10:00 pm wake up 7:15 AM.

I love to throw parties and everyone expects a HUGE FANTASTIC one each year for each kid.

I can not think of what movie that is from...driving me nuts now.

I am planning on making hairbows for the girls too...specifically ones to go with the 3 tutus I now own...LOL

CassiB said...

i have the reputation for not saying no. it is hard for me so alot of times i take on more than i should just so that i don't have to say no. littlest girlie 7:30 older 8.

Carie said...

Man I'm glad I have boys and not girls!

Devri said...

1. I have no idea the movie line!

2. I have a reputation of having my girls hair look good everyday! ugh!

3. My kids go to bed at 9 and wake up at 6:30 school starts at 9

And I guess I am white trash, although I would say we are Tongan trash! although their is no Tongan trash cuz all tongans would rather not wear shoes! lol I confess I let my little boys not wear shoes sometimes when we go out! yup that is me!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I have no idea what my reputation is. Maybe I should pay attention more (or ask someone!) because I'd be interested to know! At least, I think I'd be interested to know!

Lamps Family said...

The movie line is from You've Got Mail isn't it?

I have a reputation of making my daughters clothes and hair bows, she's still in pre-school but it's still expected. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I wish I didn't have it, cause I get dirty looks sometimes if I didn't make something she is wearing.

My daughter's in pre-school and it looks like brother is going to join her this yr and they don't have to go till 11 but they are in bed by 8 p.m. and up by 7 a.m.(not my choice I would and do totally sleep in!)

onehm said...

I must admit I've taken Gigantor to the store very late with me when he has had a nap unfortunately during the day and will be up until 11:30 or midnight anyway, I might as well get my stuff done and get him out of the house for a bit so everyone else can get some sleep! No judgement here.

We have kept up somewhat of a schedule because I require it for sanity. :) I like my quiet night-time hours...BUT starting last night we are back to 7:30 or 8pm bedtimes. It's just the way it has to be around here.

Can't wait to see the bling!!

Ruthie Girl said...

My reputation is not my own. My reputation is simply that my kids don't need there mother. They dress themselves.

The downfall?

They are permatrash.

andrea said...

Movie line: You've got Mail

Reputation....I don't know. I don't think I want to know. It might make me cry.

Bedtimes.....I forget. That isn't too good. Obviously we are off the school year schedule, and I am trying to get back on it, my kids flip out when I try to put them to bed and it is still light! But I'm working toward it this week. Partly because we need to, but also because we are leaving the kids with Grandma this weekend, and SHE will need them to be on earlier bedtimes!

Carie said...

I see your rose border is back,so did you cave to pressure, or what?

Jamie said...

I have to have my girls hair done cute whenever we leave the house. But that's just me....can't stand when there hair is a mess! They love their jewelry and bling!

Our kids go to bed at 8pm and I wake them at 7am. We'll see how well that works here in NC since it's light outside until 9pm!!

Becky said...

Love that movie (You've got mail) and can't wait to see the backpacks. But if you don't get to it, don't beat yourself up. I cannot remember one of my kids' friends' backpacks from last year. Or ever, for that matter.

mom2three said...

The sleep schedule is what is hard for me kindergartner was so tired today when she came home from school...something is going to have to change...
I don't have any school reputations yet because I just have the one that just started, but family and friends wise..I am the on time, clean, organized, always remember everything person and when I mess up on one of those just once its...." oh my gosh something must be wrong" ...haha!

Amy said...

Fabulous new topper!

I'm sure my reputation is being a forgetful. But my friends just know that if they want me to do something, they have to remind me a head of time. They are awesome that way.

My youngest is goes to bed at 8 and the oldest was 8:30 but we're going to try 9 this year. We'll see how it goes.

School starts here on Thurday and I can't wait!

Mariah said...

eExactly! You are "Super Rad"!

~ Your 'Super Rad' Reader,

blah, blah by lindsey said...

if i have a reputation, i don't know what it is

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