Tuesday, August 18, 2009

full days and lessons learned.

WHEW! full day! in addition to the standard everyday morning stuff, i went visiting teaching and i finally finished registering and paying for school.

i even got a {fabulous} student I.D.


i have to appeal my financial aide , it got denied because of that one semester i took 11 years ago.

it was the spring that i got prego with Peyton. at the VERY END OF THE SEMESTER i tanked the early morning communications class when i had horrible morning sickness that kicked my trash.

it's on my records. from that and a withdrawal, my financial aide was denied so now i get to write an appeal and show documentation of extenuating circumstances. FLIPPING AWESOME.

the difference between now and my past attempt?

I'm 11 years more mature (and also will be discussing any extenuating circumstances up front with the teachers i have just in case)

I'm ready to tackle this crap.

i also now realize i have Adult ADD (with medication my focus should be AMAZING!)

I am finally motivated to get through school and finish this time.

as a 32 year old mom of 6 going back to school i realized there is NO TIME TO PIDDLE AROUND with this.

now it's a SUCK IT UP AND GET THROUGH kinda deal.

lesson learned.

in recent Pierce antics-

Pierce has a new trick. he pokes a hole in the lid of water bottles with a tack. and sprays the water out. heaven help me!

i thought one of the older kids did it for him but NO he can do it all by himself. i took away the tack, so we won't be having that problem until he finds another one.

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CassiB said...

Julie Wheeler your my hero. (said in the voice of cameron on ferris)
i always said i would go back to school when baby was in school. didn't happen, i keep hoping there is another baby! pierce's new trick is great, i just hope he doesn't figure out what it does with a pop bottle.
i would have the same deal with financial aid as i signed up for my first sem. of mcc with david, taking the same classes. not a good idea we ditched all the time, went there but made out in the parking lot ;) and ended up dropping all classes. oy! i was stupid!

Jen said...

You are awesome for going back to school! You are doing something about things and taking charge, that I admire!! I will be your cheerleader the whole way through!

Ruthie Girl said...

That is the attitude you need to finish. When you are feeling crappy about school, just refresh this post. Because I PROMISE, you will want to quit... a lot, and you will have legitimate excuses, but you can do it.

Now go learn.

Carie said...

Ok, I am all for you going back to school, but this better not effect your blogging! See i'm just saying what everyone else is thinking, but instead says...congrats!

onehm said...

What are we going to do with these toddlers???

:) Good luck with your financial aid. That stinks.

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