Tuesday, August 18, 2009

She's domestic whenever the mood strikes.

I can be domestic ON RARE OCCASION.

once in a blue moon the mood strikes and i am compelled to bake cookies and clean things.

or sometimes certain things trigger a sudden bout of domesticity.

i'm the first to admit it never lasts long, but the effects are often TRULY DELIGHTFUL.

Tonight Pierce brought me a box of cake mix. the kid has been obsessed with baking, and constantly getting out brownie mixes or cake mixes insisting it's time to bake a treat.

often it's at an inconvenient time. late at night or when I'm in the middle of a nap.

in the last week, he's opened and dumped out at least 4 boxes. into assorted pans, on the floor etc. sifting the powdery mix through his hands and playing with it like it's sand. getting out every pan and measuring cup within his reach.

so knowing his alternate plans if not given into tonight. i dug out this recipe from the archives.

he was giddy at the prospect of helping me ALL ALONE. without sisters and brothers interfering in the process and honing in on his project with mom.

he poured in the oil and helped roll his dough into balls,then rolled them in the powdered sugar.

and since i'm not a fan of letting kids touch the food other people might eat (including me) i put his special hand rolled, just for him cookies, on one end of the baking sheet.

when the cookies were done baking i put all of his cookies on one plate. he ate all 7 of those special cookies all by himself. proud of his baking triumph and enjoying his late night treat.

and right about now, i'm kinda glad i gave into his baking whim.

these cookies are HEAVENLY!

Lemon cookie recipe

Pre heat oven to 350 degrees

1 box of lemon cake mix. any brand.

1/3 cup oil

2 eggs

mix thoroughly.

roll into balls and roll through powdered sugar. drop by spoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet and dust with powered sugar after baking.

bake for 10-12 minutes. for really small ones you can bake for 8 minutes. these don't really change color when baked. so you can't watch for a color change.

**mine were big and took 12. but i don't think my oven works that well. it's a slow oven.

they are soft and chewy and super easy.

I like the lemon (zester?) cookies they have at Paradise bakery, and these had that flavor and softness. YUMMY!

OK and funny story about this recipe. , i have this friend, that i've been good friends with for like 17 years. and known each other longer than that. we play bunko together. she started me blogging etc. so last month we were at bunko and she starts telling another girl at our table about this lemon cookie recipe someone posted on their blog. and she starts telling it to us. and gets into the rolling in powdered sugar part. when i realizedand said, " UM, that recipe was on MY BLOG!" hee hee. she forgot it was my blog that it was posted on. i was kinda flattered it was good enough to share a year after the fact. and thought it was hilarious she didn't remember it was me! good times.

I hope you have a Truly Delightful Tuesday!


how do you feel about kids helping in the kitchen?

what is your favorite cookie recipe?

how often do you consider yourself to be truly domestic?

what triggers your bouts of domesticity? (mine are triggered by family parties and holidays)

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Lamps Family said...

I like to let my kids help in the kitchen I figure if they are in there with me then they aren't tearing the house apart! I do require them to wash their hands A LOT, and I watch them like a Hawk making sure they don't lick there hands and then stick them in the batter!

I have a to die for chocolate chocolate fudge cookie recipe that I don't make often cause I eat them all!! But they are so delicious.

Lately I guess I have been pretty domestic, even though I haven't been cooking a lot but I have been making my daughters clothes and hair bows for school and making sure the chores get done and the house is clean "although tonight I didn't really care).

I am the same as far as the triggers I usually get very domestic when I am going to have company, any kind of company whether it is family close friends or even just my neighbor. I am definitely more domestic around the holidays though.


Corree said...

Lemon is my favorite!! Those sound super yummy - might just have to make those while my kids are at school today. I don't do very well at letting my kids help in the kitchen - I need to be much better.

elle said...

ooh, those do look good! We make these cookies that are kinda like that. It's any box mix with whipped cream. They are soo light almost like a cream.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Those cookies look delicious. I actually have a box of lemon cakemix on hand so trying these out goes to the top of my list of things to do today.
Thanks for sharing.

Becky said...

I think it is good they help, but I have a hard time mentally letting them because I know the mess they will make.

CassiB said...

i love the idea of kids helping in the kitchen, note i said idea as in theoretically. in real life tho it drives me crazy. and not just the little hands part. i think i got it from my mom she just wanted things done her way so she just did them. she was fine with me cooking and baking on my own but if she was in the kitchen she usually took over. this makes me sad sometimes because i feel like i'm not teaching them as i should, but then i figured it all out so i'm sure they will too.
this cookie recipe sounds so yummy. it's a little different than the one that i tried with funfetti mix. i love a good lemon cookie, so i will have to try it.
i am domestic at times, just depends how tired i am. i have the same triggers, also a sudden good energy day (rarely happens) will sometimes trigger a cleaning spree.

the haynie's said...

fun and yummy! Thanks for sparing your big boys last night, it made Will's day :)

tammy said...

I want to copy this recipe and put it in my recipe folder on my computer but it's not letting me. Would you mind emailing it to me? I have to wait 3 weeks before I can make them, but then I am all over it!

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