Wednesday, August 19, 2009

it's time again for the Quirky Confessional!

you know the blog posts where I confess quirky random things about myself.

they are the most delightful posts (if i say so myself). who doesn't love to know new random quirky things about people? i always love randoms. the quirkier the better. confessions and quotes? HEAVENLY DAY they are DELIGHTFUL!

I've finally come up with some new ones for y'all, i seriously thought i was running out of quirks.(like that is possible, this is me we are discussing)

  • i have a new nervous habit of scraping off my fingernail polish or gnawing it off with my teeth. i like how nail polish looks but can't keep it on for more than a day or two, as soon as it starts chipping i start peeling, scraping, and picking it off i get some serious satisfaction from picking a fingernail clean of nail polish.i have 8 clean nails, 2 more to go. YAY!

  • also picking my fingernails . ripping off any extra length, i don't chew them but i do peel the layers and pick them when i'm bored or nervous.

  • adult acne is my new sidekick. apparently I'm having some stress lately with the new changes at home and starting school. on the upside i love picking zits. gross but true.
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.

    Standalone player

    and seriously i listen to it over and over ALL. DAY. i really like that it's kind of overplayed on the radio. if i like a song i keep listening to it until i can't stand it anymore. then i take it off my playlist . if i like a song my kids can always sing along too. because they learn it and sing along like i do. it's pretty rad. either we are all singing along or SINGING AND DANCING! WHOOHOO love it. DANCE PARTAY in the KITCHEN! RAD! dance partay in the CAR! I'd be super embarassed if someone saw or heard us but it's super fun anyway.

  • I'm thinking school is going to be no big deal. because i don't really do anything during that time slot anyway. from 10- 2:30 Tuesday and Thursday. i'd just waste that time if i wasn't going to school. this way, I'll be making better use of my time. and i'm hoping i'll budget the rest of my time better too. yup. maybe I'm underestimating it. that could be risky. but whatever.

  • i get a secret thrill out of the junk mail that comes on Monday and Tuesdays. the ads. it's extra exciting if i get a CRAFT STORE ad, or one for a cheesy discount store. sadly i am delighted by the ads.

THIS excerpt from an archived post made me cackle all alone in my kitchen tonight. now that is DELIGHTFUL!

"...Joy looked at her cluttered bedroom and asked me,

"MOM, when are you gonna clean this sh!t hole up?"

i had to turn around so she couldn't see the look on my face, i couldn't help but smile .

I suppressed the cackle and said," JOY, does dad say Sh!t hole? no! so you aren't aloud to say it, you know dad's rule."

(Dad's rule: the kids can say anything dad says and not anything mom says-i am the family cusser, this limits it and works pretty well. )

i quickly added "don't say that at school"...."

(this GEM OF A QUOTE was found here in my archives)

i love my archives.

thousands of posts by my favorite author. {WINK }

i like it as much as reading old journals or old letters. i find delight in the written word.

my style has changed, my typos come and go. and the stories involve my favorite characters.

what's not to love?

(side note: if you read my archives you CAN leave me a comment and i would get it (in my email inbox), if you feel compelled to leave one. feel free)

well i think that's enough randoms.


your archives ? do you ever go back and read them?

what is your family rule about cussing? or rules in general?

what about cussing? who cusses most at your house? come on! CONFESS! or out your spouse, i won't tell.

nervous habits? do you have any??

how do you feel about nail polish on your fingernails?

do you have stress acne?

what is your fave song right now? do you sing along? or sing and dance? where?

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The Sports Mama said...

So it's been a bit since I popped through my reader....LOVE the header! :)

Carie said...

Hey, your post got cut off on the sides, what happened? That archive you posted was one of my fav's, it made me laugh!
In our house there is to be no cussing, but that's a joke! My 13 year old likes to say naughty things to me! Don't even get me started on my husband, and I am a secret cusser, meaning I do it a LOT, but not in front of my kids or mom-even though she has a mouth like a sailor! I am a typical "perfect" oldest child, and I would hate to ruin this for her, even though I am far from perfect,I like to pretend, it helps me with my denial of myself! TMI I know.
Have quite enjoyed your archives, it is like it is a new post everytime I read them because hey they are new to me! Just think one of these days I will be completely caught up on your life!

Carie said...

Here are my favorite songs right now
Lovestruck- V Factory
Waking up in Vegas- Katy Perry
Lovedrunk- Boys Like Girls
Take me on the Floor- The Veronicas

Lamps Family said...

I haven't been blogging for that long but I do like to go back and read the old posts.

We aren't big cussers usually although we both have our moments but our rule is the "do what I say not what I do" rule. Our favorite word at the moment is dammit, my 3 yr old says it all the time and seriously it is very hard not to laugh it's funny, but we really try to discourage it.

I twist a small front section of my hair when I am nervous or anxious about something, apparently it's something I inherited from my dad. I too like to peel finger nail polish off my nails. I also bit the inside of my mouth which stinks cause I get soars but that's only if I am really really struggling with something.

I do have the occasional stress break outs. After my 1st baby I had the worst acne then my second baby cleared it up for me, I didn't break out to bad with my 3rd although lately I have been, and I am pretty sure that it is due to much stress at home. Neosporin actually helps with the break outs, I put it on the trouble spots after I have washed my face, it kills the bacteria.

Some of my favorite songs are Black horse and a Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall, and Bubbly by Colbie Caillat. We love to sing and dance, we do it pretty much any where I don't care who is watching. Sometimes if we are in the store and we here a familiar song we just boogie down!

mom2three said...

Great randoms! I love that song I especially love it when it comes on in the car!!!
I have my blog every 6 months or so converted into a blog book!!! I actually need to do another one really soon. I used to love to scrapbook but I find blog books to be much more "real".
Im a pirate...arg! I only say damn a lot and the s word..yes my kids have repeated it and yes its hard not to laugh! I usually just say we can say darn it or crap.

I pop knuckles...Im a knuckle popper!

I love nail polish but with kids it only last like a day or two even with a top coat!

I thought acne was supposed to go away when you became an adult...who told us this lie????

Favorite song of the moment: I can't help it...Lady Gaga's Love Game...I wanna take a ride on your disco stick...I just love the beat!

onehm said...

I laughed out loud at that one too....
that Joy is one funny kid!!


SuperCoolMom said...

LOL! I love reading my archives too. I could read back through them for hours. I always find something I should repost, so that new readers can enjoy the wonder of Me. Heeheehee!

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