Monday, August 31, 2009


while shopping online in the wee hours this morning i found some FABULOUS heels in my size!

but they aren't just any heels, they are 5 inch heels.

so now, I'm considering 5 inch heels. along with any purchase there are considerations to think are a few of mine.

arguments against 5 inch platform heels.

  • I'm 6'2" and change, just on the cusp of 6'3" . not that i would normally admit that.
    in 5 inch heels that would leave me standing at? the verge of 6'8"? um, HELL NO!? maybe? glamazon? or goofy?

  • i already tower over the hubs. (not that he minds)

  • hello ankle breakers. and nose breaker, and teeth breaker. (i'm kinda clutzy) and have been known to fall flat on my face. uh, from that height? it's gonna hurt and do some damage.

  • where would i wear them? and when? i'm sure they'd be super functional while with the kids. (this is where the ankle breaking would most likely occur)

  • i couldn't drive in them or my knees would be up to my chin (think clown riding a trike) not to mention, how would i get my legs under the steering wheel?

  • it would be the same with sitting. can you imagine the conversation, "excuse me but can you give me a boost? i seem to have trouble getting any leverage outta this chair?"(sometimes i have trouble sitting in low chairs in flats, my legs are just that long)

arguments for 5 inch heels...

  • they are dang fabulous (if you like that sorta thing)

  • are 5 inch heels really so much worse than 4 inch ones? or 3 inch ones when you already tower over average men, and even some "tall ones"?

  • tall is tall. what difference does it make?

  • if you are confident you are beautiful.

it's my opinion tall isn't mannish. and anyone that says so, earns the bird from me, it's entirely possible they earn the double rolling bird 'cuz seriously? RUDE!

wanna see the shoes i was talking about? check 'em out here
i like these too.

why is it ok for short women to wear heels? but tall ones are resigned to unattractive flats for life?

that right there irritates the HECK OUTTA ME!

i got married in ballet shoes. but would have loved to ROCK some 3 inch heels. turns out the hubs didn't care either way and i super regret not looking my hottest. but i wasn't as confident right then and i didn't know it would bug me forever that i didn't wear heels.


heels? do you wear them? love 'em ? hate 'em?

issues with being taller or shorter?

how tall are you? and in heels?

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Jenifer said...

They are fabulous. I'm 5'9 and I'll go as far as a 3 inch heel. But I'm clumsy. And I don't like to tower over men. that's just my thing. If you love 'em, get 'em!!!

My Family said...

When I see a taller woman wearing heals I look at her and see confidence! She is clearly confident and comfortable with who she is and doesn't let anything stop her from doing what she wants and I know men think confidence woman are sexy so I see it as a good thing. I haven't seen the shoes yet, I will check them out when I am done here. If you love them and know you will wear them then I say you should buy them. I am starting to enjoy wearing heels, it was hard when the kids were little but now they are bigger and I don't have to carry anyone around and I don't have to get down on the floor with them as much.
So basically I am saying GET THEM!!!

jayna said...

i am 5'-8.5". and i love heels. i'm more comfortable in them. i definitely tower over men, but i do that without the shoes on anyway. what do you do. and heels make your legs look great. just sayin.

Janelle said...

Those are sweeeettt, an internet exclusive! You gotta get 'em!

Kayci said...

Those shoes have your name all over them!!! Please get them! The wedge style will keep you a little more stable than say a "pump". I LOVE THEM! I'm a measly 5'7", but taller than most my female relatives. I LOVE wearing four and five inch heals- even stillettos! I still feel pretty when I'm tripping over my own feet!

CassiB said...

Those shoes are way hawt. get em. i don't wear heels but it's not that i don't want to it's that i fall and run into things with out them i don't need help with that. i do wear them on occasion, but not since becoming primary secretary- too much running around and my back starts hurting. i don't mind being taller than David when i wear them, anything over 2 in and i'm taller. and i agree with jayna they do make your legs look great.

Leslie said...

I am only 5'4" and I wish I could wear heels but I can't...Flats for me all the way. The only way I can get hight is if they are like platform shoes with maybe a slight heel.

I think you should get them!! If you can, you might as well!!

Cherie said...

Those truly ARE fabulous! I personally think if you love them you should wear them and the hell with what anyone else thinks!!
I am only 5'6" and always wished I was taller. I used to wear heels alot and I still love them but I get more done in my tennis shoes these days.
I envy your height! Wear the shoes - You will be!!!

Rach =o) said...

First off LOVE the chunky platform Rockin shoes! I'm 5'7 maybe 5'8 and in heels tower over my hubbs, but they make me feel sexy durnit and I SO need to feel sexy.

sherry said...

I recently bought a pair alot like the second pair you show. I love them. They make me feel more up to date at church. And taller. Because I am 5'5 but look much shorter. How does that happen? I can't imagine regretting shoe wear from your wedding, because wedding dresses are so long you can't see your shoes! I went bare foot for most of mine because my feet hurt. So just tell yourself that you would have too if you weren't wearing ballet slippers, and you'll have no regrets!...;)

tammy said...

Cute wedgies. I had 5" stilettos in my mind when you first said that. I say go for it. Whatever makes you feel good. I am only 5' 4 1/2" and I always wished I was taller because I thought my thighs would look thinner.

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