Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rad! or Not Rad!

it's time for a game of RAD/Not RAD.

where i list things that i think are RAD or conversely NOT RAD.

it could be kid stuff. house stuff. an opinion or a feeling. here we go.

RAD- Pierce said Oobie is stupid

not rad- Pierce saying ,"baths are stupid".

RAD-a hot date out with the hubs.

not rad- getting sick and having to go home instead of going to a movie.

RAD- we tried a new maid yesterday. she scraped every sticky piece of shiz off the floor while mopping. which is my technique too and my ideal.

not rad- my mother in law came and cleaned the vortex. (hanging head in shame)

RAD- paying someone to clean and they do as good or better job than me. (i may not get around to it often but when i do it's done well)

not rad- paying for housework and getting a half assed job.(like the bulk of the maids we've had before)

RAD- the maid is coming back on a regular basis.

not rad- helpful suggestions on chores, reward systems etc. while already suffering a bruised pride and dying of embarrassment.(like i'm the biggest moron ever and don't already have chore requirements, reward systems, etc. in place. because i assure you i do.)

RAD- getting help

Not rad- needing Help.

RAD-going out with my sisters and cousins. one came in from out of town just to hang with us.

not rad- multiple things planned on the same night.(i missed the in-law family party)

RAD- a variety of soda in the house.

not rad- kids spilling variety of soda on a freshly mopped floor.

RAD- bunko this week. TWICE.

not rad- the hubs business trip. only a week into the new semester. (he's the childcare while i'm at school)

RAD- a sister willing to watch Pierce while i go to my afternoon class.

So how was your weekend so far?? rad? not rad?

is there anything you think is rad/not rad?

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Amy said...

My week was not too rad until last night. So hopefully this week will be different...

CassiB said...

Mine has been rad. Started out on friday crappy with a super duper humungo headache. but once that went away (we went to waffle house at 11pm hot date! had a regular coke, that was the trick) it was all good ;)

Kayci said...

Rad- that you have house-keeping help! And that I've had it too, mostly when I'm pregnant...
Not Rad- haven't been able to find just the right kind of "help" this time around!
Rad- The whole "nesting" stage where things get organized and projects get finished.
Not Rad- the way the house looks in the meantime :(
Rad- Finally getting LAST YEARS tax return
Not Rad- remembering we're paying cash for this baby's delivery and that there's a STACK of medical bills to be paid still, so the money is pretty much spent.

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