Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hot Dates and Delightful Surprises!

WHOOHOO! 2 hot dates in one weekend.

tonight we FINALLY went to see Julie & Julia. which i LOVED!

and i mean love loved.

i identified on so many levels with this movie!

um the blogging. the narcissistic attitude. the self absorbed blogger. the thrill over getting a comment! and the wonder of getting comments from people that don't even know you.

HELLO! been there done that! alot of that.

the hubs just sat there nodding his head and giving me the "you totally do that!" look/chuckle.

the self induced obligation that goes with blogging. to post because my readers will miss me/have nothing to read? yes. i've felt that too. oh and the marital problems going with blogging. um yeah. is there a question that there has been fights about it? no question!

THEN! Julia Child! did you know she was 6'2" in real life. and guess what? we not only share a name but we are the same height! impressive right?! it is.

go ahead and just be impressed and humor me ok? sheesh! be impressed!

i have long fantasized about extra high kitchen counters for myself. just like Julia had.
someday, sigh, when i get my kitchen remodel. (i'm so not holding my breath on that!)

oh and i cried. more than once in this movie. what can i say. it touched me.

or maybe there is something wrong with me. i cried at the previews too.

for real! CRIED!

then we hit Olive Garden for a late dinner (since we didn't eat lunch until 3:00 and we went to the 7:20 movie)


they have never ending pasta bowl and my ultimate fave PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE!

that means it's fall ! already. (actually they brought it out early this year and i couldn't be more excited since this is my fave time of year! and i super love pumpkin cheesecake!)

it was a delightful surprise!

last night on our date instead of a movie, we went shopping at my fave store.



heavenly day! it took some negotiations (with the hubs, wink) but i got the CUTEST STUFF!

(i'll take pics when i put up my loot, it's not too early for that is it?)

then we went and played guitar hero at my fave brothers house. and had dessert. yay.

that's why we saw a movie tonight.

but it was so worth the trade off. i love Guitar hero!

YUP! two hot dates.

it was an excellent weekend as far as the dates go. i don't recall a better one.

and guess who used her student ID to go to the movie?! yes that would me MOI!


have you seen Julie/Julia? what did ya think?

are you a movie crier?

Do you like Cheesecake?! what about pumpkin cheesecake? yay or nay?

Guitar hero/rockband if you play what level do you most often play on?

i play on medium but I can play hard depending on the song.

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tammy said...

Yep, I am a movie crier.

And my favorite pumpkin cheesecake is the one I make with the chocolate. Mmmm.....sounds so yummy!

Tracy said...

I had the pleasure of seeing the movie, with out kids. I loved it!
What a great movie. I thought it was so funny when she started a blog. I don't have a blog. I'm not the best with the computer. i just get e mails and read blogs. I look forward to reading your blog, you are so funny and truthful! I love cheese cake, not pumpkin,,anything.
I don't believe in putting a veggie like product in a dessert item. Such as carrot cake, zuccinie and pumpkin bars. I am a chocoholic!
I just wanted to let you know I love your blog and you crack me up.


CassiB said...

yay for you two hot dates! i saw the halloween stuff at tjmaxx/homegoods the other day when i ran in for a bday pressie and totally thought of you! cute stuff.
nope haven't seen it, want to and now i want to really bad, i love your movie reviews.
yep i cry sometimes, usually the dumbest thing gets me going. but if the sitch is similar to my life it hits me ya know?
yep love cheesecake, didn't when i was younger, something about having kids made me change my ways, never tried pumpkin tho i will have to do that.
Tracy i have a carrot cake recipe that even people who do not like carrot cake LOVE. no shredded carrots in it, makes a huge difference.
never played guitar hero or RB we don't have them, have thought about getting one or the other tho, which do you like better?

Scrappy Girl said...

I am a total movie crier...My Sister's Keeper nearly took me out! Even Dr. Hubby shed a tear or 2 during that one though.

I {heart} cheesecake...yum. I have never had pumpkin cheesecake.

I have only played guitar hero a couple times so I am definitely a beginner! It is fun though.

Oh get me in so much trouble...

Devri said...

I haven't seen the movie! but it sounds like a great one!

I am a movie crier, but I hide it, my hubbs laughs too much at me!

at the baby level~ and I even have it on my phone, but still suck at it!

And I have never tried pumpkin cheesecake, man I am sounding like a looozzzer! So now I will leave with my tail tucked in between my legs!

Carie said...

First of all, dang it all that you know when I read your archives, I didn't know you could tell, now I'll have to do it less frequently so as to apear as tho I have a life.
Second, I am so not a movie crier when someone is with me, I repress it all, but if I am alone I ball my eyes out!
Third, pumpkin is one of my favorite flavors! I wait for fall just for pumpkin things to come out, and yet I do not like pumpkin pie, what's that all about?
Fourth, just for some interesting info. my 17 year old son actually won a guitar hero contest and won a trophy because he is so good, me not so much, I'll be the singer for rockband however!
Last of all, quit going out on so many dates on the weekend it makes us all feel bad! [;

Anonymous said...

We saw the movie on Friday night. It was so good. Best movie I've seen in a while.
I guess in real life Julie had an affair during the whole julie/julia project. The movie didn't include that though. I'm not sure if they are still married, but that is the reason why they separated. I'm glad you guys had a good weekend. Let's do lunch again soon.


Melissa said...

Totally want to see that movie...maybe I will take myself this week. Didn't realize it was about blogging, now I want to see it more.

I've never had pumpkin cheesecake sounds yummy.

As for guitar hero, I can hardly play the piano much less have enough coordination to play guitar.

Kayci said...

I just ahd to run to the pantry to see if I had any canned pumpkin! Thanks for making the preggo lady crave pumpkin cheesecake! It tops my list next to the famous pumpkin roll! And sadly, no, I do not have any canned pumpkin. I might have to start calling the nieghbors...

Jill said...

This has nothing to do with this post, but since I'm not sure where else to leave it, thank you very much for the inspiration with the backpack makeover. Very helpful, as you could see. I have gotten several compliments on it, and i thank you in my mind every time I do. I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise (not a think out of the box kind of person). THanks for dropping by and commenting! I love your blog--refreshing to read about someone with more than 3 kids (we have 5). ANyway, thanks!

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