Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tantrums and whining-adult style!

do you ever wonder WHY ME?

Whoa is me?

sometimes i do. and then i pick myself up off the floor. (or more likely drag myself out of bed)

and get going.

today's delight. is nobody's business but my own and i don't wanna go.


NO! don't make me! Wah wah wah!

(imagine kicking and screaming and flailing on the floor)

whew! now that i threw my tantrum i still get to go.

and i may as well be pleasant about it.

i can't wait. YEE HAW! lucky ME! WHAHOO!

(really it's not that bad. a followup to bad labs, worst part is nothing to drink for 6 hours prior to the appointment. NOT EVEN WATER! lame)

no i won't be announcing what is going on. i'm very secretive like that. really.

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Jenifer said...

Ugh! Hope it goes well and you don't get too thirsty. I don't anticipate that you will, not like it's too hot today. I will send you good thoughts and karma and all that.

CassiB said...

you could always pull the covers over your head and hold up one finger like Corbin for one more minute mom! lol.
hope all goes well! i'll be thinking about you! really my sis said it's not so bad. and you'll be able get a cold beverage before you know it!

Jen said...

Good luck today. Maybe we will see ya when we are coming if you are leaving. And seriously our mantra is going to be Just Keep Swimming!

elle said...

sending good thought and prayers your way!

mom2three said...

Doesn't sound fun! I don't like secrets!!! But I hope everything goes well with your followup.

Melissa said...

I'm sending you thoughts and encouragement today. I hope you are swimming. And you know every time I see that part of Nemo I think of you and smile!!

I hope your labs come back clean and this was just a little blip on the radar.

Ruthie Girl said...

Good luck, whatever it is. Sounds medical.

BTW, remember all the help you did for my cousin newly diagnosed with thyroid cancer? Well after the surgery and radiation, they found another lump.

Ruthie Girl said...
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