Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random delights on a Wednesday!

how about a few randoms for Wednesday? you know random issues, thoughts, quotes from kids etc?

here we go.....

Oh i am trying out the blog feed to my facebook profile. I've seen some hits from there, but can't tell who they are. if you are stopping by from facebook leave a comment and say HEYYY!

or if you think the whole blog post feed on facebook is lame, let me know. i can see occasional post bloggers doing it. but daily bloggers? is that annoying? tell me. but be nice.


i'm struggling with surviving the last week of summer vacation. everyone is driving me nuts. maybe we haven't had enough time relaxing in the pool? i need these people to leave so i have a chance to miss them. I could NEVER! EVER! EVER! home school ! there just isn't enough sanity to go around.


It's Halloween at certain stores already! and i kind of LOVE IT! it might have been all i could do to resist buying Halloween treasures while back to school shopping. i LOVE Halloween decorations.


i still have to turn in my pre-registration packets for school. they were due the 24th. i'm rad.(somehow i missed that in large print on the outside of the envelopes.)

and Pierce isn't registered yet either. they have my spot saved for him. i just have to go through the motions and do the actual registration process.

TODAY! i'm going today!


i believe i get the MOST blog comments on blitching posts. blitching- BLOG BITCHING aka rants, vents, emotional outbursts etc.

the length of the comments yesterday was delightful !(mini blog posts) That post must have sparked something with alot of people. i love to hear about everyone else's issues, i love that crazy stuff happens at everyone else's houses too. if i like a post, you sometimes get a mini novel outta me too.


Today, i was busy working in the family closet organizing and clearing out some stuff that was taking up space etc. while Joy and Hope were playing on my computer in the kitchen. every time an email notification popped up they announced it. one time Hope said,

"Mom you have a new COMPLIMENT!"

she was meaning comment but seriously it fits.

BECAUSE...every comment is like a compliment,since it makes me feel just as good. (usually better since I'm one of those compliment discounters) but a comment, about something i wrote? always makes me feel pretty fabulous!

she also told me when facebook notifications popped up too! it's kinda funny my 5 year old that can't read yet can tell the difference between facebook and blog comments.


it's so dang hot outside my head sweats, THEN when i go into stores and i put my sunglasses on my head. when i go to put them back on as I'm leaving a store, my sunglasses are fogged up.

does anyone else have this issue? or am i the only one with sweaty hair in this freaking heat?


today the poodle-y dresses went back to the store. for a couple reasons...

  1. i spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY LAST WEEK. i hate living on a budget.
  2. the girls weren't dying to wear them as they were, they wanted a shirt underneath because they were "itchy" which lead me to believe they wouldn't get much use if all of them were worried about being itchy. and i wasn't doing the undershirt thing.
  3. i ran out of money until friday.
  4. shhh, i confess, I might have spent roughly 200 bucks just on the skirts, and dresses. which would be why i took those back. duh.
so after i took them back, i ran some other errands, came home and went to my room. I locked the door and stripped completely and just laid there to cool off. With the A/C blowing on me and the ceiling fan on high, I finished my book. and chilled ,literally. it was rather delightful.

well that's probably enough randoms today.

hope you have a FABULOUS wednesday.

on today's To-DO list?

-finish the pre-registration packets and return them to the school.

-register Pierce at his school

-go swimming with the herd.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE GOING ON? what is on your To-DO list?

~do you ever by stuff because you don't wanna miss out on something , KNOWING you can always return it later?

~do you have the foggy sunglasses issue from being DRENCHED with sweat?

~Home school? is it an option for you?? or do you need space from your peeps too?

~ blog posts on facebook profiles? cool or LAME? you tell me.

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CassiB said...

today's to do's:
finish folding and putting away clean laundry monster
do dishes-duh
go to work meeting @ 1
go to ward temple night tonight, haven't been since before Christmas.
i'm not trying to line up to much cuz, then we know what will happen.
no i don't buy things to take them back, i don't buy them in the first place. i hate taking things back. so this also results in longer shopping trips because i have to be sure that i wont regret it or that it is just right.
i get drenched in sweat just doing the dishes so if i wore sunglasses i would have the same issue.
no definitely not an option, i would have to be put in a straight jacket at the end of the day and tossed into the looney bin, although that does sound like a nice vacay!

andrea said...

"I need these people to leave so I can miss them" LOVE IT! I agree.....I need that at my house too!

I have lots to do today. Don't know what I'll get done. My oldest's grandmother is coming to stay with us today until Sunday (my oldest is actually my step daughter). So I have a mostly stranger to entertain for the next few days. I don't enjoy her visits. She's a.....different....personality. There are just SO many things I'd rather be doing, but now can't.

Wish me luck.

Hope you get your to do list done! :)

Carie said...

Did you seriously do this post at 2:22 am? Anyway, I am kinda forced to homeschool my youngest son, and let me tell you it isn't fun(well ok he is actually homebound, but what's the difference he is still home)! It is not what I would like to spend my time doing, I would rather sit and do nothing or go shopping!
Gee what fun things will I be doing today?
1. Thinking up chores for my 13 year old to do since he is grounded from EVERYTHING for calling me a Bitch- gotta love it.
2. Washing my child's soaked pee bedding
3. Going to Walmart because it is magazine day
4. Finish buying school supplies, man alive the teacehr's "stuck" it to us this year!
5. Wait for my child's home nurse to come and do his monthly IV infusions
6. Hope the house cleans itself & someone cooks dinner for me! HaHa!

Ruthie Girl said...

My sister links facebook to her almost daily blog, but she doesn't even use facebook for other stuff. So I am no help here.

I am trying not to kill my 4 year old. Seriously, something has to be wrong with him!

Oh, and my oldest is in CA with cousins. She is the one that makes this place sane!

Amy said...

I like the FB link. I check FB constantly so it's nice to know when to go read your blog.

I hate the foggy sunglasses thing. Drives me banana sandwiches!

I would never, not ever homeschool! I don't have the sanity or patience for it. That's one of the perks for paying taxes, right?

blah, blah by lindsey said...

my house is a pigsty...but i am here reading your blog and giving you a compliment. i love that!

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