Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Star of this blog is 3

Pierce is THREE TODAY!


my baby is 3!

how did that happen?

he's the baby (maybe forever).

#6 of 6!

he's totally entertaining, full of mischief and utterly delightful on occasion.

he's also (kind of) the STAR of this blog.

in fact he doesn't have his own blog.( but all of the other kids do)

i'll share some of the highlights!

here are some of the posts that he stars in.

(all links will automatically open in a new window)

  • 3 years ago i was experiencing this (it's his birth story, it's long and has graphic pics.)
  • he stars in this video here

Tonight ...

we partied down at my mom's with all of my siblings for the birthdays this week.

Pierce's birthday is today.


my brother Gary(age 28)

blowing out the candles,

( surrounded by Joy, Tate, Aiden, and Hope)

and my niece Maria (age 5 and not pictured)are tomorrow's birthdays.

my niece Suzette (age 13) is on the 5th.

the kids had a great time eating and playing outside together.

3 years ago, my mom was at a family party just like this when she got the call to come to Pierce's delivery.

did you read Pierce's birth story? it was an adventure to say the least.

did you see notice Pierce's rockin' new mohawk?

yeah, he screamed and cried during his haircut at my friend Brooke's yesterday.

we missed a couple spots pinning him down, so i touched it up today and he sat like a pro. (what the heck?)

as soon as i got done and was moving on to doing hair for church , he picked up the scissors and snipped a chunk right outta the top. (ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?)

it's still ok.


it was appalling how fast that kid is.

he's sported a Mohawk or Fauxhawk since he finally got hair

here are a few of my faves....

so even on his birthday the kid wears me out.

and as always gives me something to blog about.

Dude! Happy birthday !

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Jen said...

I meant to ask you if you had a good day. I am such a lame friend some times! How did he like his gifts? Love the mohawk, super cute!!

Supercool Hotmama said...

Happy Birthday Pierce!

Melissa said...

Dude, how and the heck can P be three already!!

I can't believe how big he is getting.

Happy Birthday, P!

CassiB said...

i love the hawk too. if we ever have a boy he's totally gonna sport one. You totally ROCK. i wanted pics of my c-sections! hubby only even looked over once i think and saw "part of me, out of me" so i don't know if he would be willing. but i definitely want pics next time!

andrea said...

I am sure you did scream, but that is hilarious that he cut a chunk of hi own's just, so, him?! Right?

I hope he has a great day, and you too!

Jenn said...

wow- Happy Birthday!!! Julie- your baby is no longer a baby and no longer a toddler... need a shoulder to cry on?

mom2three said...

what a sweet post in ode to your baby boy! Happy 3rd bday! Love all the pics!

Janelle said...

Happy Birthday little guy!! I LOVE his little one always does "shark hair" He'll spend 10 minutes in the mirror wit his gel and comb!

tammy said...

I hate how fast they grow up. Seriously hate it.

Happy B-day Pierce!

tammy said...

p.s. before I clicked on the pic to make it bigger, it looked like Gary was wearing one of those Jewish hats. I was going to ask you if he was Jewish now. lol

Andrea said...

WOW 3! already? Hope he had the BESTEST BIRTHDAY!!!

LOVE that mohawk! It's sweeet!

Scrappy Girl said...

Happy Bday the hair dude!

Carie said...

The mohawk is so cute! I was so sad when you wrote that you were cutting all his cute curls off, but I was pleasantly surprised to see you kept the mohawk! You have some cutie kids!

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