Thursday, August 27, 2009

you may call it being an apple-polisher, but i call it self awareness.

a few things I've learned this week ....more of crazymama's self analysis back to school edition.

I'm sorry I know it's been all school, all week. but it's in the forefront, so bear with me until i find something more exciting to blog about.

Onto my self analysis....

~ i sit in the front of every class. and feel like a brownnoser the whole time.

~ I feel compelled to revert to my old ways and sit in the back. but I know I'd piddle around and not pay attention so i sit in front. (like an @$$ KISSER!)

~ I'm an active listener. I nod , make eye contact. smile at the teachers lame A jokes. (teachers pet wannabe ) this makes the teacher use me as an example over and over.

~ i sit up front but don't want to participate. AT ALL! hello! that's why I'm comfortable as a back of the room kinda gal. but i have to focus and in order to focus i have to sit front and center. I'm not a suck up! i just know my limitations. you are loving the self awareness here right? Gotta love Adult ADHD.

~ i take notes in 3 colors/types of pen . black fine line marker , fuchsia fine line marker, and depending on the class, pencil or black ball point pen.

~ in between points made during the blah blah blah blathering of the teacher, i doodle in the margins. checkerboards, hearts, stars, and geometric shapes. I've noticed he sees me start to doodle and moves on. hallelujah.

~other people count the # of uh's or um's said by the teacher lecturing (like my new friend). 70 uh's or um's in an 18 minute time frame is a tad much. i didn't notice, i was doodling. but it describes how fabulously this teacher lectures. you are jealous right?

~ I've learned that an hour and 15 minute class feels like an eternity. why can't it fly by like time wasted on bejeweled? Facebook or reading blogs? huh? WHY NOT?!

~ I've learned i wanna get to it. no easing in. give me the goods. can we pick up the pace here? yeah. so maybe I'm an overachiever. i think I've found my research paper topic and i wanna get to it. NOW!

my topic? of course you want to know right?

" The effects of social media on cancer awareness and subsequent increase in diagnosis."

what do you think?

sounds interesting right? i think so .

we'll see what my teacher thinks. he has to approve my topic.

so yeah. i wanna get cracking on that.

it's kinda pathetic that I'm so into it, but I've seen a rise in awareness just from my own little bloggity blog . I'm sure there is interesting research out there to back me up.

some people wanna be baby nurses. some wanna be ER nurses. i think i'm leaning towards nursing people with cancer . or maybe not. there's lots of time to think about it.

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Carie said...
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CassiB said...

A$$ KISSER!! or A$$ KISSER WANNA BE!!! lol, whatever it takes! good luck with the adult adhd, sounds like you have a good plan to pay attention.

CassiB said...
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Scrappy Girl said...

I am a doodler too...I don't miss all the blahblahblah and 75 minutes that got by like 750 minutes!

It is always wise to choose a topic that you can relate to or feel passionate about!

andrea said...

Thumbs up to you! And wow, you are into it if you've already chosen the subject....I'd still be thinking about dropping the class and finding an English class that didn't require a research paper! (That's how much I don't like writing research papers!)

Nancy Pitney said...

Too bad all classes can't be like jewelry we had in high school...listening to Pink Floyd, making trips to the Bull's Eye...those were the days!

tammy said...

Great topic for your paper. And how funny that as soon as you doodle, he moves on.

Laura said...

I have been so swamped I haven't had a chance to stop in. I love reading about you going to school and all that it entails... Inspiring, funny, and all you!

Great job!

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