Thursday, September 17, 2009

13 things i kinda love or super love

Thursday 13? how about 13 things i kinda love or super love?

1. i kinda love that my baby sings along to boom boom pow and shakes his booty with me in the kitchen.

2. i super love lemon cookies. and i super love that my family is so easily impressed with my baking, and they feel extra special and loved by that simple treat. i also super love that it takes 3 pans full before they quit hovering by the oven waiting for fresh cookies and fighting over who got 3 .

3. i kinda love the fact that i was incredibly insecure but actually quite lovely (back in the day) and now i am not "all that" but I'm more self confident than I've ever been. it's pretty ironic don't ya think?

4. i kinda love that i found some RAD old pictures. the evil me wants to post them on facebook. and the smart me knows that if i do I'm sure there are other ugly pictures of me hidden in friends shoe boxes that could come out as sweet sweet vengeance for posting the ones i have of others. i put them back. and i read some old letters from an old boyfriend today. which triggered me asking him if he still had mine, and luckily he'd thrown out the pathetic proof of my immature affection long ago. YAY.

5. I super love that i improperly pronounce/use certain words /phrases every time. just because i like to. ie, i love the facebook. i go to the walmart. i play the bunko. lunch dates are at noon-thirty. it's a quirk that i find delightful in myself and yet i'm sure i'd find it annoying in others.i bet others find it annoying but tolerate it because it's just so me.

6. i love that when i searched for my real name on Bing i didn't come up. but when you search for Crazymamaof6, it's all me baby. my blog. my comments etc. i discovered this because someone was searching for Crazymamaof6 on bing. and they found me more than once. wonder who that is? anyone wanna come outta the closet? do you wanna meekly raise your hand and say , "OH that was me!"

6. i kinda love the fact i was so exhausted all day. and yet when 11:45pm rolls around i'm going strong. what's with the hours between 2 and 9pm ? when all i wanna do is sleep.

7. i super love that Pierce put a GLOB of my hair product in his hair, and when i attempted to wash it out with his baby shampoo it didn't come close to washing it out. so i had to get dad's handsome smelling men's shampoo, and it took care of the sticky goo, and left my baby smelling delicious but not in a baby way.* sigh* why does he have to grow up?

8. i kinda love Halloween stuff and this new Halloween themed blog.

9. i kinda loved this...

Let's safeguard ourselves against swine flu by only doing it doggie style

but when i sent it to the hubs he over-analyzed it. "oh so by doing it that way, there would be no face to face contact and passing of germs." seriously? is that all you got out of that? *huff* 'cuz the obvious part to me was...let's do it. no logic needed there.

10. I SUPER love that certain kids here are sick, and keep getting it. trading symptoms. passing it back and forth. when i said i thought it could be swine flu, the hubs busted out ," nah nobody is pink, or has a flat nose." FOR REAL? he says stuff like that just to get a rise outta me and it works every time.

11. i kinda love that it was wacky Wednesday yesterday, and we had sonic for dinner again. when i asked Pierce what kids meal he wanted he would only answer," TOY" . then when the hubs went to get the kids meals they were out of toys at sonic, which generally suck anyway. but they have good ones right now. so they gave the kids balloons and you would not believe the delight from a freaking helium balloon. people wore them on their wrist, head, ear, pants, then i held one while Pierce boxed with his for 30 minutes. they let them go only to jump up and catch them again. i think the balloon ranks as the best "toy" ever.

12. i super love that my kids have learned i'm an easy target. and they all have their dad's sense of humor. and i super love that when i ask for a buttload of hangers, the hubs hangs a load on the back of his jeans, just to present me with a "butt load" . i hafta think that's the engineer/nerd in him that does that. and also over-analyzed the ecard.

13. i SUPER love that i came home to this...on Tuesday

really, i super love that. i know you super love that i took a picture of the nastiness for you to enjoy too. yup that's cat food soup. Pierce filled the bowls, with cat food and water, then filled the cat food container with water. GAH!! why do we have cats again? and i can only hope and pray that i won't be coming home to something equally grody today.


who over-analyzes at your house?

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CassiB said...

i over analyze and i'm the easy target, yay me!!

that ecard is so funny! if i sent it to my hubs i would have to make sure to be available when he got home ;)

Scrappy Girl said...

Dr. Hubby DEFINITELY overanalyzes EVERYTHING...I am the immaturity holder in our relationship!

jayna said...

fun post! super loved it!

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