Thursday, September 17, 2009

could you excuse me while i put on my Lipstick?

i think I've got a new fave quote...

"Everything's fine, just put on a little lipstick!"

seriously that totally sums up my fake it 'til you make it attitude toward life .

I've kinda always done that. or tried to anyway.

which reminds me of one time at bunko....(ya know like one time at band camp...hee hee )

a few months ago it was my turn to hostess bunko at my hovel.

I was frantically scrambling to get ready.

when a friend walked in , looked at me and said, " I don't think I've EVER seen you without your lipstick on! it's just not you without it, go put it on."

it's kinda true. I am just not "ME" without my lipstick.

I confess...Lipstick and sunglasses pretty much carries my whole glam persona.

i believe that if you have on big sunglasses and your lipstick, you look like you've put some measure of effort into getting ready, even when you haven't! (the facade is even better if you have earrings on too.)

see like in this picture here.

can you tell i have no other makeup on? 'cuz i didn't have any on.

if you haven't done it, try it.

see how it works for you!

it's perfect for dropping kids off at school driving through places for beverages, going to the bank drive thru, going to swim lessons. driving people to scouts or going to daytime kids sporting events.

but i should warn you, as wonderful as it is, that trick comes back to bite me on occasion , because once i go in somewhere that i have to take off my sunglasses, then everyone knows by the dark circles under my eyes that i didn't do anything but roll outta bed, and put on lipstick and sunglasses.

i confess i often just keep my sunglasses on. like when i go in to purchase beverages at the convenience store i admit it's kinda dorky on my part, but whatever.

still, try it.

if you love to fake being FAB (with lipstick and sunglasses) too, leave your testimony of it in the comments.


Now I'll leave you with this fabulous quote i saw (on a mug once) -

There's nothing you can't do

without confidence,

good friends

and the perfect lipstick color!

that quote is absolutely perfect for me.

i want it in vinyl, or framed or something. i've been meaning to digiscrap it but that takes gumption which i sadly lack. maybe someday.

SO.....i'm dying to know......

What's your signature lipstick color?

do you have one or do you switch around?

(my signature color? Pink Chocolate by Clinique)

are you one of those people that doesn't believe in lipstick? why is that?

Guys? are any reading this? what do you think of women in lipstick? care to state your preference?

© 2009 crazymamaof6


CassiB said...

i'm one of those i don't like lipstick gals. but there is a new tinted chapstick by mary kay that i love! right now i have it in apricot and i want to get blush and natural, and maybe even rose. i don't like drinking out of a straw or cup that has a lipstick ring eww.

andrea said...

I should try that sunglasses and lipstick for dropping the kids off to you think that if I did that they wouldn't notice that I driving around still wearing jammies?! :)

Taralyn said...

I love lipstick - I however have those kind of lips that it just doesn't stay put - no matter what trick has been given to me... I do however where the Sunglasses at ALL times.!!! You look fab with the glasses and lipstick...

Ruthie Girl said...

Ever since it was cool to wear dark brown, I have not been able to find a good color. I stick with the lame glosses.

The attitude is right. When I am tired, so I just wear PJs for the day is nothing like if I just put on a nice shirt and pants.

Laura said...

Lipstick is a must and I have been caught not wanting to take off my sunglasses for the very same reason.

I have a favorite lipstick from Mac that I love but I do switch around over the years.

Kayci said...

I have yet to find a lipstick that I love enough to wear on a regular basis. I like a couple of the arbonne sparkly glosses, but I have to wipe it off to get my hubs to kiss me!

My Family said...

I do the sunglass look a lot. I however do not wear lipstick, never have, I don't have fab lips so I just don't bother. I do wear lip stains and lip gloss though...sometimes but not always. I don't wear a lot of makeup either, my fav. look is the way I look right I after I get back from running, if I could look like that all day I would be a happy gal :)(I am serious!!)

mom2three said...

I am a lip gloss addict! And I probably have over 50 because anytime I go somewhere that has lip stick, chap stick, or lip gloss I buy it! I love the plumpers that make your lips tingle!
My signature color: hmmmm avons chocolate sequins.

Carie said...

Not a drop of lipstick hits these lips! I do not really wear makeup, not sure why. Same with sunglasses, they hurt my eyes. I think I am just not a glamour girl. I think you rock it though!

Amy said...

You look FAB darling! You know I where a little bit of everything. You have lovely skin and mine is blotchy in some places from sun damage.....I feel like I need to wear the whole get up to feel put together. I wish I could get away with a fab lip stick and go,but you know. How's school? I totally look up to you for doing that. I'm still SO freaking scared. Maybe I just need to dive on in. Right?

Carie said...

By the way, I just HAD to let you know that I think you have fabulous shaped lips!

Webb Family said...

Love this post!
I'm for sure a lipstick girl-even had them tattooed!Not sure if I spelled that right:) And I love my sunglasses.
I wish I looked as good as you with just lipstick & sunglasses!

Cara said...

Viva Glam - MAC lip gloss
I eat my lipstick off - I just can't seem to keep it on. But.....since my eyes are my favorite feature - I never leave home without mascara. Mascara is my one thing I always put on before I go anywhere. That and lip gloss and I'm good. Love the pink sunglasses BTW - oh and if you leave your glasses on in the store people will just try and figure out which movie star you are (wink)

Kimm said...

I used to NEVER wear lipstick and my mom would bug me about it. Now I wear lipstick or gloss or chapstick. My new favorite lipstick is Sugared Maple by Clinique. It was in the bonus pack. Love it! Chris gave me some Shiseido lip gloss in Rose toffee that I love as well.

jayna said...

chapstick. i know. but hey, i actually hate lip stick. always have. it gets all over everything. but i have started wearing lip gloss... so it would be mac's viva glam. love those sparkly little things. love your sunglass and lipstick trick, though. i'm gonna have to try that!

Jeannie said...

God, I LOVE makeup. I am a hair stylist and I do the makeup at our spa too. My tried and true method for lips (for me) has always been lining my lips with a nude/slightly pink liner, filling in with the liner and topping with gloss. Perfect every time. And I have used the sunglass/lip method around town, but since I do hair, I feel that my hair ALWAYS has to be done. So I usually go the extra step and do my whole face.

Janeen Romney said...

Love your advice! I love lipstick and I always have to put gloss over the lipstick. I still need to check out your pink chocolate. I have yet to find one that I love enough to use over and over. I also like to mix my colors. I love any makeup and am so glad that I'm a girl and have that option!

sherry said...

Sadly, I have a hard time finding the right lipstick. I have a a strange complexion, and very red undertones. Most lipstick colors just don't look right on me. The exception was a Mary Kay (that's right, Mary Kay) lipstick in a shade called "shell" that was discontinued years ago. Because it only looked good on people like me. There are very few of us out here...

Andrea said...

I ♥ lipstick!! My makeup is not complete without it!

I do the lipstick & sunglasses when I go out too. I try not to remove my sunglasses if possible in the store. Sometimes I feel dumb though wearing shades indoors. haha

I prefer brownish pink/mauve colors. I use the lipstain w a little clear gloss. {not the sticky kind of gloss}

You look Sizzlin' with your lipstick & pink sunglasses!!! :)

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