Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The one where Charlie goes to Laundry mountain...

you've all seen charlie at candy mountain right?

it's so lame it's awesome?

but did you ever see the one where he goes to laundry mountain with a giant troll?

(don't miss this! you have to click over to see the pictures!)


The giant troll captures Charlie and said, " Chaaarrrrllie , save me from LAUNDRY MOUNTAIN Chaaarrrrlie!"

it's Laundry mountain chaaaarrlie! it's soooo biiig!

it's the laundry chaaarrrlie!

it's a mountain full of Laundry , Chaaarrrlie!

laundry mountain, laundry mountain help me with laundry mountain chaarrrllliee!


Oh looook Chaaarrrlie, laundry mountain, it's so big we can slide down it WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!


wheeeeeeeeee! Laundry is so fuuuunnnn chaaaarrrllliiee!


OH NOOOOOOOO, it's an avalanche at Laundry mountain,

run for your lives RUUUNNNNN! Ruuuunnn chaaarrllliieee! RUUUNNNNN!

the Troll magically escapes, but what about Charlie?



why couldn't they just take my freaking kidney?



So, this is our running joke around here, it's always laundry mountain.

today i was buried under mountains of clean laundry.

UGH. the hubs washes it but the folding, hanging, sorting and putting away? that's all me.

holy shiz.

it left me thinking OH Crap, I'm buried under a mountain of laundry!

so i purged A-loads of stuff. um yeah like 3 white garbage bags full and 2 black ones. and that's not even including the mountain of stuff i need to bag from last months purge fest.

we have too much of everything. GAH! it's insane.

i folded and sorted 5 giant baskets full of laundry that needed put away. are you jealous?


so is Laundry the bane of your existence also?

how do you feel about Charlie the unicorn?? love him? hate him?

if you were to take Charlie on an adventure where would you go?


charlie the unicorn was played by snowy the magical pony.

Joy's beloved magical unicorn/pony.

(i may receive a harsh tongue lashing from my 7 year old for defiling snowy/charlie, but i have a feeling she will relent when i tell her Snowy was the STAR! 'cuz she likes that.) EDIT: i expected a little drama but had no inkling of the caliber of this FIT over the misuse of Snowy the beloved magical unicorn. HOLY CRAP!

and for any die hard charlie fans/creators, sorry if this bugs, but i gotta get my kicks somewhere. so live with it. and um don't sue me or anything. i worship you. really. swear. *wink*


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Carie said...

You've lost it I see!

Flea said...

Shun the nonbeliever! Shuuuunnnnnn.

I love Charlie. You've done a fine job.

Yes, I hate laundry. Used to hate it more. When the kids turn ten, they learn to do their own laundry. It rocks.

Cecily R said...

I only handle laundry if I use a TON of yummy fabric softener so while it's in the dryer and while I'm folding it my house smells yummy.

My LEAST favorite part is putting it away. I hate that.

Anything with a unicorn in it has GOT to be RAD. Unicorns, rainbows and cake. See, I've lost it too. :)

JennyMac said...

My Hub is the King of laundry in this house...LOVE THAT!

Scrappy Girl said...

Manga Dork has a Charlie tshirt that is currently buried in my own laundry mountain! LOL

Jenn said...

Not a charlie fan--- mostly because my husband and kids are. So I hear charlie talk all the time--- in the car--- hanging out in the park--- charlie plagues me! This is silly though. And Laundry is one of my favorite chores. And I hate when anyone helps with laundry because they do it wrong.

Devri said...

loving Charlie,

But hating the Laundry. We have way to much stuff too!

Taryn said...

I spent the weekend doing loads upon loads of laundry trying to get caught up only to find that the pump on my septic system had gone out on Friday. Yikes!! Ended up filling the tanks and they weren't able to get it fixed until yesterday. By the time I realized what was going on we couldn't wash dishes, clothes, or even shower for two days.

Stupid laundry!! lol

Wendy Phelps said...

Laundry is the bane of my existence. We always have a pile of clean clothes to put away, and the hampers are never completely empty. Sheets, towels, socks, rags, clothing, equals 3-4 per day! What if I am busy or sick for a couple of days? All of a sudden I have 12 loads to do in one day, AAAAAAAAAA! I love your laundry mountain. Tell Charlie he can always come slide down ours.

Wendy Phelps said...

I keep coming back to show this to my kids. We are just imagining all the fun Lance had in making this. This seems to be his kind of humor. We love it!

onehm said...

I started a new laundry routine around here. I'm thinking it's good...I'll probably blog about it soon. But seriously I was laughing my bootie off at your Charlie and the Laundry Mountain photos. :) You rock.

Andrea said...

HAHAHAHAAAAAAA I ♥ Chaaaaarlieeeee!

Great Charlie & the Laundry Mtn!

I feel like that all the time! Completely covered in laundry piles! UGH!

Andrea said...

Oh - GOOD JOB on getting so much laundry done & folded. We are living out of baskets of clean wrinkled clothes! LOL

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