Wednesday, September 2, 2009

crazy days and updated profile fun

I just changed my blogger profile to reflect my latest endeavor.

I'm a domestic Goddess with 6 kids. ages 10,9,8,7,5,and 3. They make me crazy but what can i do now?

I just started back to college hoping for a nursing degree, after 12 years as a senior VP in a non-profit organization.(stay at home mom.)

This is where i chronicle my struggles with the daily wonder of MY life. I'm trying to find balance , which is NEW for me.

I love to tell it like it is. be warned there may be cussing, vomit tales and potty talk and if you are lucky , pictures of my c-section. I had Thyroid Cancer,and the scars to PROVE it!

Thanks for stopping by! disclaimer: there are totally spelling errors, poor punctuation and typos! I can't be bothered with perfection. I keep it real , hope you can get over it!

In other news, it's Wednesday. which adds up to 2 and a half hours of overlapping scouts, scouts and achievement days. add in dinner, homework and bedtime and it's gonna be a long day.

but it seems like everyday is a long one these days. and the weeks are flying by!

Oh and i kinda wanna change my FB profile pic. and yet. it's apparently easy to spot my comments.

in your opinion is it time to change or keep the flower for awhile longer?

what is your crazy day and why is it crazy?

what do you think is new in my updated profile description?

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Scrappy Girl said...

Right now crazy day equals one kid going to school, one in preschool, volleyball practice, and a TOPS weigh in...not to mention the Real Housewives of Atlanta is on that same night...LOL! I like the new description.

CassiB said...

I like your profile pic.
my week is pretty crazy. between daycare, school curriculum nights (2 of them) and a work meeting, i have no time to do my work. my second job. work has to be entered in the computer as done by friday at noon. and unless i go out to the grocery stores late i don't have time to do them, but that doesn't go well with getting up at 5:30, and i need to go pick up supplies for next week which is my busy week, which is a craptastic week. lame i feel so overwhelmed and have 0-energy for even my normal house crap i need to do.

mom2three said...

Love the new is perfect!
Funny how you said the days are long but the weeks fly is that even possible yet it is!
I love changing the facebook picture on a weekly I say go for it and change it up!
My days are always crazy whenever I have a non crazy day I'll let the world know.

sherry said...

I still dig the flower pic. You may be sick of it because you see it more than the rest of us. That is why I change mine all the time. I had one I only kept up for 5 minutes....

jayna said...

oohhh i'm diggin the flowers. but it's starting to be fall (possibly everywhere but az) and that could be a fun change for awhile...

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