Tuesday, September 15, 2009

failed attempts at being domestic.

Crazymama has failed once again at being domestic.

somehow between showering, getting Pierce on the bus and making my hair into the fabulous coiffure it is, and rushing out the door to class, i spaced putting dinner in the crockpot.


i came home to cat food swimming in bowls filled with water. and the whole cat food refill container with more water. 1st off that's just totally nasty. and 2nd ewww gag.
plus it wastes A-loads of cat food.

it seems Pierce was unsupervised for a period of time while dad was on a conference call, and i was at school.


apparently it's one of THOSE DAYS.

well i have chores to do. and dinner to cook and 5 kids to pick up from school and send to voice and piano lessons. and more chores for me.


and by the way if anyone wondered what the heck was with the Christmas "ornament" gift. if you didn't know my dad is gay, well now you do. and that gift is either less funny or more. either way. i thought it was hilarious.

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Tracy said...

I thought the ornament way tooooo funny. I have a friend I might get one for !! You still crack me up.
Have a great evening.

CassiB said...

somedays are just like that. i have them all the time.
hope the rest of your day goes better.
i thought the gift hilarious too.

Flea said...

You're having way too much fun for one mom, woman.

I left my kids with my husband when they were little. Once. Came home to find that Oliver had eaten dog poo and swallowed a drywall screw. Gah.

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