Monday, September 14, 2009

Being Domestic. fact or fiction?

Tonight i cooked a real dinner from scratch. it's a rare treat. i'm normally a scrounge something frozen outta the freezer, bust out something boxed from the pantry or order take out kind of mom.

so when i made homemade green chile chicken enchiladas and homemade salsa, and then told the hubs of my meal plan for tomorrow, he almost fainted.

he's not even going to be home, but i'm making crockpot chicken tacos. and i already made enough salsa tonight, and shredded enough lettuce that it's going to be almost no effort at all to serve a FABULOUS dinner . even after going to school all day.

and i might have rubbed it in that he'd be missing it. ;)

he was amazed that this rare episode of domesticity came over me.

i honestly don't know what got into me either.

but dinner was delightful. and the boys were in heaven.

they love a good home cooked meal.

i'm feeling kinda crafty too, so I'm getting all excited for the holidays.

It seems like everyone is talking about putting out fall or Halloween decor. i need to dig mine out and put it up. i LOVE Halloween.

and once Halloween starts, it's time to start planning black Friday shopping and then Christmas which reminded me about my BOYFRIEND. i can't wait to take him out and show him a good time. i started fantasizing about him today. he's so dreamy!

speaking of Christmas....i need to start thinking about my christmas budget and plan ahead for my shopping.

i think i found the perfect christmas gift for my dad. (ok so it might not be for everyone it's a tad inappropriate.) but it's here , everyone likes something hand crafted. right?

thanks cami for posting that handmade light catcher. or i never would have found this gem.


do you randomly become domestic out of the blue?

or you always that way? (I HATE YOU)

Holiday shopping and decorating? do you go with the retail trends or hold fast to the traditional time frame?

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CassiB said...

mmmm. i might need to make some chicken enchiladas one of these nights. tonight tacos eldorados (we call them smashed tacos) are on the menu.
i am so random with my domestic duties. i do what has to be done and that is about it. dinner from scratch once or twice a week. but i have picky kids so i figure what's the point, they aren't gonna eat it and they'll just-make themselves a quesadilla =)
that homemade dinner comes more often right now via David who is the bbq king. don't know how long that will last tho.
it's amazing what you can find on etsy huh? good thing you put the disclaimer, ya might have had complaints on your hands. i think that was inspired from austin powers? hey goldmember, lol!!!

tammy said...

I always become more domestic when I'm premenstrual. That nesting instinct kicks in like it does before I'm about to have a baby. Weird?

Love the gilded penises. Wow. Dare you.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I definetly gon in spurts with my "wanting" to cook and sew and all that... I love crafting but I think it's the lack of a "room" to do it in and having to cart it all out to do so... it's rather frustrating!

The Christmas gift for your dad cracks me up! Love the nutcracker though! :)

Kayci said...

I'm just gonna say Ditto to CassiB! And I almost FELL OFF MY CHAIR laughing at your handmade gift! OH. MY.

The Thomas Family said...

So impressed by your mad making enchilada skills. Poor Chad has been on the back burner since I've been dieting (although that really hasn't been going so well... *sigh*)

I do my Christmas shopping through out the year. When I find something for a good price I get it then and just have a spot I keep all the goods in. My kids are still young enough that they don't go looking for it. This could pose a problem when they are older... I love black Friday as well.

Your gift to your dad... Priceless!

Serendipity said...

your boyfriend is very cute, the gift for you Dad made my jaw drop and then made me laugh hard enough I almost went pee, but I love the new chair I'm sitting in so I held back. I do love to cook, I have moments where I'm all up crazy in it and then others where we have pancakes or french toast for dinner. You are great Julie and your blog just made my day!

Taryn said...

OMGosh!!! I'm LMAO at the Christmas present. I can't believe there's actually a market out there for those!!

Devri said...

OH my word, I busted up about that ugly thing!

domestic, not me.. sorry

ps. sorry I have not been commenting lately.. I still in lub with you though!

jayna said...

look at you!! makin a yummy dinner! i so want to come over and have some. mexican is my fave. as for the holidays... i actually don't decorate for any of them. AT ALL. i know, lame, right? but what goes up must come down and in years past i haven't had the time. but i may change my tune as i'm starting to feel a little holiday cheer coming on already... love halloween as well!

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