Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my survival journal

day 3.

stranded on my own private island husbandless.
the natives are restless. the drums are beating closer. they are closing in ....


preparations for picture day were overwhelming.

reinforcements (my mom) showed up in the nick of time, to cut checks (while i did hair, "wait i have to sign those!"), wipe faces and drop off .

4 out of 5 were prompt and primped! the last one was bitter about being the straggler. it seems fabulous hair takes time. and in her opinion the longest hair should always be first.

darn those sisters!

last night i went to bunko. and won a FABULOUS prize. i love bunko. the joking, and stories. the loud laughter. ahhhh, nothing better than bunko to recharge the mama's batteries.

i'm afraid the maid is coming again. i like it after she's gone. but dread the arrival. and process.

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Cecily R said...

Little P's hair is pretty darn fabulous...I think anyone who can rock the faux hawk like he can should feel at least a bit miffed at being left behind on picture day!

We don't even go the school picture route anymore (I just take them myself rather than spend the cash), but I know I'll still have them primped the day of...why is that?

CassiB said...

heehee, your blogher ad was for Lance fresh snacks. LOL. i dread picture day. last year i had forgotten which day it was and it happened to be a day they went to school not so cute. i should check to see what day it is this year. i always say i would love to have a maid but i think i would dread her coming as well.
one more day, you can do it!!

Vidal's Nest said...

Shh don't tell anyone but I have forgotten picture day the last two years! yeah I suck.
I love having the maid come but hate having to clean so she can come clean! It's a ton of work!

Scrappy Girl said...

I feel exactly the same way about the maid...LOVE when she is the smell of clean and bleach...LOL!

Picture day already! Mine will all be on different days...thank goodness.

Melissa said...

All I want to know is have the kids voted you off the island yet?

If so, come have a tasty cocktail with me. :)

Carie said...

Maid?!? I officially hate you!

sherry said...

When I was growing up with 11 kids, 7 of us girls, we used to line up on the stairs and wait our turn to get our hair done. We must have woken up pretty early...

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