Monday, September 28, 2009

it's a new day.

This morning, I witnessed a beautiful sunrise that began as a subtle glow illuminating the Superstition mountains. none of the stresses and worries from last night were with me,
in that moment, it was a new day.

Sometimes you go to bed with the days burdens and worries weighing you down.

rejection, heartaches, dread , worry, they are bedfellows to many.

the new day has promise. a fresh start . a clean slate. a certain hope.

what do you hope for with the new day?

Fabulousness? greatness? wonder? delight? peace? answers? Friendship?

do you let go the previous hurt and struggle? or do you cling to it letting it weigh you down?

I've had times in my life where it was a daily slog , days or weeks even months spent mired deep in my worries or illness. looking back at those times nothing stands out, it all blurs together and big things get lost in the memories of those dark times.

in contrast I've had days that are nothing short of spectacular.

sometimes the things that make up a truly spectacular day aren't the actual happenings or the places i went, it's the attitude I had throughout the day. sure i said days not weeks or months of spectacular delights. I have to take it one day at a time.

i started out my new day dropping the hubs off at the airport, he'll be gone for a week turning over his job. training his replacements. yeah it will take 4 people to do his one job. AWESOME.

i could have spent the drive home worried about his job that ends at the end of the year. or worried about my week as a single mom. or worried about my tests next week and the unknown delights that await me.

(it's not the tests but the results that scare me, once you've felt the fear, it comes rushing back even though you can rationally assume it's all going to be no big deal. that is the niggling little tidbit of fear that HOLY CRAP my cancer is back and it might have spread somewhere that could actually kill me.

any test triggers this response. for pretty much all cancer survivors. because at one point they assumed it was going to be fine. it was not any big deal, nothing was really wrong. but one time there really was something wrong. it's never the same again.)

instead I enjoyed the sunrise, and picked up doughnuts for breakfast

I'm choosing to make the best of today.

how about you?

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tammy said...

Great post Jules. I woke up today feeling kind of depressed...not sure what's bringing that on. I am totally admiring your attutude today. Hope it's a good week.

My Family said...

That is why I love mornings so much..........because it's a fresh start, a new day. I love running early too because I get to see the sun come up and if I am lucky I get to see a shooting star before that. I love watching everything wake up :)
I believe it's not so much about our situations but how we handle them, a positive attitude can take us a long way.
This was a great post!!!

Scrappy Girl said...

I love a good "do-over" and I am known to go to bed early just to get a day I can start new the next day.


Grat attitide, great post! It is hard to always see what is positive in the things we face, big or small.

CassiB said...

perfect post for today!! since the broadcast on saturday i have had "there is sunshine in my soul today" in my head, but haven't felt it =(. today i woke up feeling like that is for sure my song today! kids woke up well and in good moods! yesterday was grumble, grumble, bicker, bitch. not so fun!
hope your week w/o hubby goes well.
p.s. i love a good sunrise, i'm just usually busy with my only chance for a shower till bedtime when it happens, lol.

andrea said...

Great post.....I personally went back to bed after I got home from dropping most of the kids off to school....thank you Dora for entertaining the 3 yo while I tried to doze away my nausea....what is with that. Feeling a bit better now though, as long as I don't eat anything!

Really though, this is a great post, especially when you have a single parent week and gobs of other stuff ahead of you, I couldn't have pulled out a good attitude! Thank you for the wake up call for me! I now have a smile on my face, and will just move ahead with everything going on here. :)

PS.....wouldn't it be cheaper for you hubby's company to pay him to do his job instead of 4 people to take over for him? That seems silly.... ;)

crystal said...

And this, my dear crazymama, is why I love you.

It's totally just a fresh attitude that makes a day better. I agree! Nothing will have changed--the same stresses and worries are still present--but just getting up and getting OUT early to exercise usually starts my day fresh like this.

You are rad. (especially when you make me crave doughnuts)

jayna said...

it's a cloudless blue sky here today. reading this made me want to make the best of my day...

looking so forward to seeing you soon!

Kylie said...

Loved the post! Thanks!

Ruthie Girl said...

I am in a slump. I am just so tired all the time!

I think your focus though.

Lance said...

Great post! gotta love it when I hear something so positive. Talk to you tonight.

Jen said...

Fantastic post!!! Hope all goes well this week, and just look forward to Bunko on Friday!!!!

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