Saturday, September 26, 2009

a cheap mom's Halloween thrills

sometimes i impress even myself.

Halloween. i expressed concern the other day about the expense...remember?

well today i have finished HALF of my Halloween costumes for the kids. 3 girls have costumes.

i know! impressive. even more impressive is i only put out $7.50 so far.

sure i have to buy some accessories. like tights, shoes, and a pageant sash. but still. FREAKING AWESOME!

wanna see what i've got going so far? here's some pics,

just promise you won't judge me for taking pics of them with yesterday's hair. or the baskets of clean laundry i'm sorting, folding and purging in the front room.

Liberty, is going to be a beauty pageant contestant.

this rad dress cost a whopping $3 (from Savers 50% off labor day sale)

it needs taken in a little, shorten the straps , washed and ironed


with a sash that says something pageant-y, and heels, and a tiara,

a fancy updo or big pageant hair

it'll be totally Fab.

Joy is sporting this little sailor dance costume.


i'm thinking with white tights, and red mary-janes.

and maybe a better hat.

cute and comfy.

and Hope will be wearing the flower fairy dance costume


needs tights , cute shoes and a cute hair thing.

the boys can be anything they want at this point and i think i'm GOOD in the budget department.

Paxton wants to be Frodo. um yeah i'll be making this delight. stay tuned on that.

i think Pierce is sticking to his Devil costume. it just suits him so perfectly and he doesn't have a preference this year, so he'll be whatever i want since i have ULTIMATE POWER as the mom!

and Peyton? i haven't asked him yet. but seriously he could be Harry Potter again easily enough, or something else like a PUNK ROCKER. Cheap, easy, cool.

cheapest halloween plans ever.

i'm going to be a Pirate wench. i think. maybe . it means getting crafty fabulous and maybe even sewing. but i could stand a change from my standard witch/true self costume.

so there we are.

i feel amazingly relieved about Halloween now.

Need some cheap mom tips for Halloween?

check thrift stores.goodwill has 50% off day every other week. so in two weeks it's 50% off day again. check it out.

savers always has loads of costumes even some of the mainstream trendy kid ones.

dance costumes make cute costumes.

borrow. do a costume swap with your friends, or relatives.

craft something fabulous. i was all set to copy some of the cuteness on Etsy, but found these so i won't bother.

get a fancy dress at the thrift store-

  • add wings, and a wand and be a fairy princess.
  • add heels and a sash, and be a pageant contestant.
  • add wings and a giant fake tooth and a giant toothbrush from the $ store and be the tooth fairy
  • white dress, veil, flower bouquet= bride!
  • black dress, witch hat, stripey tights, scary makeup =WITCH!

Black cat- black bodysuit, tights, headband and tail. draw nose and whiskers with eyeliner

bunny-body suit/sweatsuit, headband ears, tail.

sports uniforms- football player, baseball player, wrestler, basketball player, karate uniform, gymnast

rodeo clown-overalls or plaid shirt and jeans, wonky hair, and clown paint

scarecrow-plaid shirt, straw stuffed in, face paint

any ideas you wanna share?

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Jenn said...

Right on good idea's. I can't wait to see your frodo.

CassiB said...

i have some 4 inch wide white satin ribbon if you want for the sash. i think it should be long enough.
i sooo bow down to you!

Jen said...

Awesome job!! Those are super cute!! I am making Corbin's costume this year and Gavin is going with one of Corb's hand me downs so I think I spent about $12 on fabric for Corbin's and then my time, but I am doing it easy. HAHA pays to only have 2 kids!!

Vidal's Nest said...

So jealous! Cute and inexpensive! Love it!

Mamarazzi said...

FAB! love all the ideas...i am not sure if J is dressing up this year or not...if she does i am going to push the outfit she wore to the Miley Cyrus concert (still need to blog about it) she looked like was cute.

Jodi H said...

I usually buy the next years costumes/accessories when the halloween costumes are at the PLEASE TAKE US OMG75%-90% off point.

I also keep all the basics on hand easily this way--Black capes/makeup/wigs...etc.

Crazymamaof6 said...

i totally used to do the buy when it was rock bottom, store all year kind of costumes. if you have the dollars at the time , and the storage space by all means, that is a FABULOUS way to go. i agree.
Disney store used to clear out halloween/dress-up dresses for uber cheap mid summer, around 4th of July. i always stocked up. but the last couple years money was short, and storage even shorter. so I've had to come up with a new game plan.

Lamps Family said...

I have 2 out of 3 costumes and so far I have only spent $4! My daughter is going as super girl so I am making her costume, I already had some blue velvet for the top and I found a silk red sheet at Goodwill for $4 that take care of the cape,skirt and boot covers. My son is going as Clark Kent , we pretty much have everything we need for that. I still need to get stuff for my youngest but I'm not sure what she is going as. I love your ideas though cheap is the way to go!


I am impressed, you go girl!!! I am the lamo buy early at super duper discount so I don't actually have to work. I think that's called LAZY.......I am:)

andrea said...

Wow. I swear, I can never find stuff like that at any of the Thrift/Savers/DI up here.....maybe I go after everyone else has taken all the good stuff. And, I have now just realized that it is going to be October this week. Yes, sometimes I'm slow on the uptake. Shoot. Here we are leading up to the worst and busiest time of the year. Holidays, birthdays, and this year I have a baptism to boot. ACK!

mom2three said...

FABULOUS! I wish I had time this year to be budget friendly, but actually doing things on a budget takes more time and I just don't have time because of the big move next week, but next year I am definitely learning from you! Great job!

Wendy Phelps said...

Great costumes and even greater budget shopping! I'm impressed. I told my kids they get to make their costumes this year and to get creative. These are great ideas. Thanks!

onehm said...

I feel like I'm so behind! Those costumes are FAB! Darling little girls you have there...

tammy said...

Loving the costumes. I have tons of costumes from Taylor that Connor could wear that would save me much moolah, but he has his own ideas of what he wants to be.

crystal said...

Every Halloween I am floored by your cheap-o fabulousness.

It's a gift.

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