Monday, September 28, 2009

what i did with my new day...

so what did i do with my "new day"?

um, i blogged .

then got the herd up and rushed them to get ready.

they were still late.

somehow putting shoes on everyone is a challenge. that and doing hair? washing faces, passing out pills. doing it all alone is no easy task.

but i didn't lose it like i sometimes do.

i confess i choked up as the 5 school kids walked together slowly to the office, it was Hope reaching for Peyton's hand that did it. normally they run off in separate directions in a rush to get to class.

or maybe it affected me because i don't normally drive them to school, the hubs does.

whatever it was, it was cute enough i rushed to snap a camera phone pic that didn't actually turn out. tomorrow, i will take my real camera and be ready for it again, hoping it turns out.

after that Pierce and I hit sonic for morning beverages. and we came home for some computer and noggin time. noggin is now nick jr. by the way.

then, i started feeling that 5:00 am wake-up and took a nap while pierce hung out and watched more noggin. i don't really care if they changed the name it may always be noggin to me.

when i woke up , I decided i needed to do something fun/crafty so we got Pierce ready and went to the craft store.

it's Christmas at the craft store now. so i needed to check out the wonder and look for more Fuchsia christmas delights. they have less than they did last year. but i was still excited.

then i picked out an assortment of fall floral stuff for a new fall wreath and garland i've been dreaming of. I'll have to wait until the kids have gone to bed to craft the wonder. but i can't wait.

hopefully it's as fabulous as i am imagining.

after that i ran to the Lab for some pre-test bloodwork. joy of joys! i know you wish you could visit the vampires regularly like i do.

then i received a mini bouquet of tiny flowers from my girls. according to Hope if i wear it in my hair i look like i princess. isn't that FABULOUS?! i sure feel fabulous.

dinner tonight is going to be kid approved and EASY. gotta love that. no sense in making something fancy people won't eat. it has been decided we are having CHEESE CHIPS! i know! you are so impressed with my culinary skills, it's hard not to bow down and kiss my feet. ;)

EDIT: we had a mexican smorgasbord. bean burritos, supreme tacos, super nachos, and regular old plain cheese chips. using yesterdays taco dinner leftovers. best part was, everyone was happy. and actually ate dinner.

i hafta say the attitude did wonders for me. choosing to let bickering not bug me. not fretting about other things i can't control.

sure i have my days where i crumple in a heap on the bed and weep and wail about the injustices heaped upon me. Sure i whine incessantly to the hubs about what ails me. sometimes i even whine to my friends about little stuff they can't do anything about.

i have my days.

but choosing to have a good day with the fresh start I've been given. well it was nothing short of spectacular.

i KNEW you were anxiously awaiting an update. wondering if I'd succeed in finding my happy place today. and TADaA! i'm proud to say i did. and trust me i'd tell you if it went down hill and super sucked. i believe in full disclosure. you would know.

I'm off to watch the kids ride bikes out front, and play, it's finally cool enough to play outside and not have a heat stroke. it was less than 100 at 6:00. that's almost chilly. ;)

happy Monday evening!

how was your day?

what's for dinner?

have you or are you crafting anything delightful? care to share the details? pics?

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Lamps Family said...

I had a pretty lazy Monday, nothing pressing to do. I love to craft but don't really have the funds at the moment. Right now I am crafting my kids Halloween costumes I am very excited, since I don't really have patterns I am just "winging it", as soon as I get them done I will share the pics. As for dinner it's home made shake and bake chicken with garlic broccoli.

CassiB said...

i went out to visit with an old neighbor who came by to drop off my gold canyon candle order. it was almost nice out there. pumpkin pie candle is on the warmer now, mmmm-mmm.
Hozer is bbqing burgers and dogs, my dad is spending the night and having dinner with us.
my mind wheels are turning, it's time to craft halloween costumes. my fave! maddy is going to be emily from corpse bride, missy coraline, and megan dorothy-which is actually madddy's costume from last year, but i am snazzing it up with a white pettiskirt under. well that's the plan i'll let you know how it goes. also i've got David talked into dressing up this year with me, jack skellington and sally. awww. he hasn't dressed up since i was preggo w/ megan 7 yrs ago.

Scrappy Girl said...

My dad was not too shabby! We had "whatever you want night" and I had 2 FF hotdogs, salad, and pineapple.

I made 2 cards the other day when my mom was here...I want to get back scrappin' on my NYC album.

Ruthie Girl said...


My husband made us family dinner last night to put it in the fridge for me cook up tonight. I guess I gotta love that.

Jill said...

Just thought I'd give you a shout out because I haven't in a while. I suck at comments since I got Gooogle Reader. Love all your posts as always.


andrea said...

Almost chilly....thanks for the laugh. I'll take your chilly and raise it to snow.....which we are supposed to be getting tonight.

Nothing like sending September out with a snowstorm.

I need to hit the store today and get the kids some coats. Theirs from last year are incredibly too small.

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