Friday, September 25, 2009

I've perfected the fine art of procrastination, so Karma taught me a lesson.

well, sometimes you get what you deserve when you procrastinate.

i watched my shows last night. Grey's , Community and Glee. instead of doing my online math test as soon as the kids finally went to bed.

when i logged on to do it at 1:00am my internet was down. GAH!! WTH?

we tried the usual stuff, resetting the modem. the wireless router and whatever else works when it craps out for a minute.

Since i have until 5 this evening, and the internet wasn't coming back, i went to bed figuring i'd do the test this morning while Pierce is at preschool.

but the internet was still down and customer service was "experiencing a high volume of calls" yadda yadda. for a couple hours. leaving us to assume it was out in more areas than just our house.

i finally got through and they said it was statewide outages. FREAKING LAME, they were working on it, and they had NO IDEA when it would be back. a little bit later it was back up. but kept crapping out.

so frustrating. the one time i have actual things to do besides waste time on facebook and blogging today. sheesh. talk about bad luck.

well it's been working for at least a half hour and now it's time for the kids to come home. GREAT. i'm sure i'll do rad on a test with 6 face talkers pulling on my elbow needing me. AWESOME.

and if the internet goes down mid test i FAIL. awesome.

this is what i get for watching more TV last night than i have in the last 6 months all together.

Has your internet worked well today?

and to think i lived without internet for how many years?

and i finally got that test done. I got a flipping 87% because of stupid mistakes. LAME.

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Jenifer said...

My internet has been fine today, but I was talking to a friend and she said hers was out. No internet is the worst! Good luck! BTW, I was watching Community and thinking of do you like the show?

Scrappy Girl said...

I {heart} Community...Joel McHale is awesome! Glad you didn't FAIL!

1happymom said...

Call me next time. My Internet has been up all far as I know. I have been off and on most of the day and I haven't had any problems. Bring Pierce and I'll let him help me make cookies or something to keep the little boys quiet. :)
Kathy Nielsen

Webb Family said...

Man that sucks! I hate when that happens, I want to just knock the computer. Mature I know:)
Happpy to hear you did good!

The Montgomerys said...

No internet over here on Harvest either. I waited until the last minute to pay bills.So I got what I asked for. Also like I am making dinner right now, right?

Carie said...

Yeah but weren't the shows so worth it! You know they were! I just sit and watch Glee with such a smile on my face the whole time, and let me assure you this does not happen often!

Carie said...

By the way, Karma is way over rated!

onehm said...

That stinks! Sometimes I really really want to kick karmas butt!

Janeen Romney said...

Yep my computer was down too. Hate that. I had things I need to get done using the computer,too! Things other that checking facebook and blog. It was fun visiting with you last night.

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