Tuesday, September 1, 2009

looking for the bright side when today already sucks.

reasons today sucks so far. (a running list) and the bright side if i can find one.

  • it has been discovered that if you stomp on a bag of cake mix it shoots powder all over the floor.
bright side? I'm glad the maid didn't come yesterday and mop again or i would have gone postal on the offending party. now she'll have something to do when she comes tomorrow.
  • Hope couldn't find her pink shoes. refused to wear her twinkle toes. and eventually claimed exhaustion and refused to go to school. kindergarten is so taxing. this reduced me to tears because i have class. and arranged for Pierce to be babysat after his school but not for someone totally ditching school. with the hubs out of town her staying home is totally screwing me over. leaving me thinking - i'm not cut out for this. it's not supposed to be so hard.

bright side??-i called my mom. Hope gets to go hang over there all day. which is a double edged sword. fun at grandma's does not discourage doing this again. BUT i get to go to a boring class. and sit through a lame lecture. and hopefully learn something i don't know.

i'm not cut out for single motherhood.

  • today also sucks because the asshole company the husband works for made him go out of town to train his replacement. that's rad. bonus it's screwing me over because he's not here to run interference with the kids. or watch Pierce while i'm in class. it's the 2nd week in, and there is this much drama. it leaves me wanting to drop my classes and forget it.
    i can't do this. it's too hard.
bright side. i have an hour between classes that perfectly coincides with Pierce getting off the bus, leaving me enough time to get him, rush him over to my sisters, rush back to class, and listen to a pathetic lecture on basic math. sweet.

it's not the lecture i'm worried about missing. i've done my homework ahead. i just need to perfect the habit. an excuse to miss now, sets me up for failure later. or now it almost kicked my trash today. already. 3rd day. and i was ready to give up.

FAILURE! i have to avoid that.

today sucks.

i'll see if i can get through the day without going postal on anyone. or being reduced to tears again.

i can do this. it's just not that great.

it won't be easy. and dang it , it better be worth it!

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Jenifer said...

The last two days have been like this with Sammy. Nothing to wear, the ONLY shirt that she CAN wear isn't clean. She isn't going to school. Blah blah blah. luckily Nate had the morning off and he threw her in the car and made her go to school without her teeth brushed or shoes on. :) Good luck. Adjustment and change is always so hard.

jayna said...

you can do this! it really will be worth it... keep at it... you'll be so happy you did.

CassiB said...

i don't think i could do single mom either. i really wouldn't want to anyway. my kids seem to act up more when daddy isn't there to back me up. atleast it is temporary.

mom2three said...

so sorry to hear about your morning...seriously all sounds crappy!!!
About your school, how come you don't take some online classes??? Do your basics online from the comfort of your home...I don't think I could do the campus thing right now which is why Im taking classes online...I am pretty sure MCC offers a bunch of them online and Grand Canyon University and Univ phoenix have great classes and a nursing program.
I hope your day gets better...be strong in this crazy life!!!

Jen said...

You can do it!!!!! You are doing great so far. Just get through the rest of today and then Thurs classes!

Scrappy Girl said...

Sounds like you need to have chinese for dinner...it cure everything!

I am running to preschool orientations...volleyball games...dirty laundry cause we have no towels or underwear...COME BACK SUMMER! Ahhhh!

Melissa said...

Just keep swimming...you are doing an awesome job! I'm so proud of you, girlie!! :)

the haynie's said...

could've brought her to my house! I did preschool with the 3 year olds today and I am pretty good at keeping the fun to a minimum if necessary :) I'm home anyway! Don't be a martyr if you don't have to be... there are tons of us who are glad to help!!!

Carie said...

Man, I just say quit now, and avoid all of this! Isn't that supportive of me! It's amazing how as mom's we always come last, even if it is important like school or work! Screw them all!

Stacy said...

Hi. This is Piper's sister Stacy. I love reading your blog. You and I are a lot alike except you are much more amazing! You can do this. NEVER GIVE UP!! NEVER SURRENDER!!

Mariah said...


tammy said...

I know it's really hard! The guy Luvpilot used to fly for before he was with SWA, would sometimes only give him a half a day's notice that he needed him to fly somewhere, and I'd be left with figuring out what to do with my boys because I had to go to work, or I had plans with the girls, or a hair appointment or something. I totally get what you're going through.

Ruthie Girl said...

You are right. You can do it; you just might cry until winter break.

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