Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a quickie and 3 wishes

ok so the last couple posts have been nice and all but kinda sentimental or sad. (understatement of the century)

so how about a quickie?

hee hee.

i mean a fun quick post! sheesh.


do you ever wish you had a genie to grant you 3 wishes? what would they be?

mine would be

  1. a fantasy shopping trip/life with unlimited funds that lasted FOREVERRRRRRR!
  2. ideal health for me and everyone i love
  3. magical fairies that cleaned my house while i slept . or even better my own magical powers that i could twinkle my nose or nod my head and i'd magically have whatever i want including an instantly clean house.

first 2 things i'd buy on my fantasy shopping trip?

a rabbit poop ice machine, and a NEEEEW CAAAARRRR (said in TV announcer voice)

what would you buy?


we've been playing an educational website alot lately.

Pierce's favorite is this game

it labels the parts of the body and then it moves. arm, leg, neck, head, foot, body, hand.

sometimes we have 3 or 4 kids gathered around to watch and play.

everyone does the actions together with the cheesy song.

this is my body and i move it like this. boom boom boom boom,


swish swish swish swish

so the hand is moving. and i made the mistake of moving mine wrong.

Joy corrected me, "NO MOM! not Jazz hands. you move just one like this...(demo of a slight low wave)"

Jazz hands? seriously? maybe she picked that up from TV or her singing group last year.

but AH hahahaha jazz hands! i find that hilarious! that she called me out on my use. who doesn't love jazz hands?

and really does it matter if i don't do it just right? along with the preschool game?

well i'm sure she'll be busting out more dance moves/corrections once she gets the hang of her new hip hop class, that my kids are starting today. YAY.

my 4 oldest are pretty stoked on learning how to dance. get down. boogie. shake their booty!


last week, a few of the kids had the bb gun out back. they were shooting grapefruit with it.

this morning, Pierce is carrying around a grapefruit with a bb embedded in it, like it's a treasure. it's the simple things...TADAAAAA he was playing peekaboo with it. now he's pretending to eat it ,"nummy, good mama!"

well my glamorous plans for today include sweeping and mopping. more purging of stuff.

cleaning. i'm just avoiding the inevitable. dread.

oh and it appears the maid isn't wanting to come back. sigh.

she wanted to come on Saturdays when everyone is here which is INSANE. i wanted her to come on a weekday.

we just don't have the same schedule.

i better get crackin' it's early release. sigh.


news just in: my liver biopsy is scheduled for OCT 5th.

i had 5 minutes today i was pretty peeved with the dr.'s office for not returning any calls for 2 weeks. then who scheduled this for me without consulting my super busy and important schedule.

(meaning i was unavailable for this good time the day they scheduled me for it, due to the hubs travel schedule for work, 72 hours of minimal activity afterward. no driver, no sitter and single motherhood don't add up to it being good timing)

but a quick call to central scheduling and all is right in the world again.

I'm sure I'll be keeping ya posted.

while i was worried about this procedure the other day, i realized, I've delivered 6 kids. 3 naturally with no drugs, a C-section and recovery , I've had multiple needle biopsies in the past, some with local anesthetic and some without.

i can do this. i'm a rockstar. what the heck was i worried about? sheesh.

i had to tell myself to suck it up. quityerbellyachin' . now i'm good. perspective. it's all i needed.


So what were your 3 wishes?

and what would you buy first?

so this wasn't much of a quickie? did you really think it would be?

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CassiB said...

it's always a good thing when a quickie lasts longer than you thought it would ;)

3 wishes:
*good health/happiness for everyone of my friends and family members.
*my own personal assistant, who tells me what looks good on me, and does all the running around-groceries/chores/meals too.

Lamps Family said...

I actually thought it was gonna be short and quick and was happy that it wasn't!!

As for my 3 wishes
* That me and all of my family and friends would be debt free and have enough money to cover our needs to the end of our days
*that me and my hubby had an unlimited supply of totally awesome babysitters whenever we needed them and the money to go on a fabulous date
*A honey moon, YES!! a honey moon we never really got one, so I would wish for a totally fabulous honey moon.

Carie said...

Really? You stole your first wish off of my facebook comment didn't you? When I commented that I wanted to go on shopping trip! Copy Cat!
Quickie? I am kinda sick of quickies, that has been the story of my whole freakin life!
3 wishes?
First would be to have my child talk.
Second would be to be unconditionally loved-yeah yeah yeah, I'm aware that I need therapy.
Third would be for it to never ever be hot here again!
What would I buy if I could?
A sphinx kitten, a maid, a chef, and a hot personal trainer that would kick my butt in gear, or at least be "secretly" into me and would spend many hours a day with me alone at my house.
Hey, a girl can dream.

Becky said...

I think she got the jazz hands reference off of High School Musical. DOn't the mention jazz hands in #1?

Things I'd wish for:

1. new car (van actually)
2. Bottomless checking account
3. Kids who are obedient

Devri said...

Quickies- umm no thank you~ lol


To get off crutches and my cast.

To have like you good health for all.

To be rich enough to help anyone out in need.

Kayci said...

My three wishes:
1. I'd like a magic wand
2. For my husband to have the ability to read my mind when I need him to
3. A handyman/carpenter to execute all of the projects I dream up without complaining and to exact specifications

Jamie said...

So these are my selfish all-about-me 3 wishes:

1.Hot body....with no effort of course.

2.Endless supply of money.

3.Marry Poppins-like magical powers of cleaning're awesome.thx

Jamie said...

I forgot to put what I'd buy!

My husbands education and all of our lovely student loans we are going to acquire over the next 2 years!!! And then one of those stand up tanning beds deals. I secretly want to be tan all over! lol

Scrappy Girl said...

1. I want the unlimited funds and shopping FOOORRREEVVER too.

2. Free vacations whenever I want.

3. a body that looks like Carmen Electra's.

Hulk Granny said...

1. The power of flight

2. Super strength

3. A tap in my house that is hooked up to every possible soda and sports drink known to man, always maintained at a perfect ice cold temperature.

What I would buy first is a solid gold car with MP3 hookup, and then whatevr Shan wants, cuz, you know, gotta keep her happy too :).

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