Wednesday, September 23, 2009

someday they will be my treasures

we got our school pictures back yesterday for 4 out of 5 kids that had school pictures already. (the other one should be coming home today)
one is especially cute,

and 3 others, well,
i admit, wall worthy they are not.
of course , someday these school pictures will be my treasures.
kind of like a pictorial time capsule , a moment frozen in time.a glimpse into the past, an age gone by.

one had recess before her picture, so that extra time i spent curling it cute? yeah that was time i could have spent sleeping . internally i was screaming "BAH! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING PLAYING ON PICTURE DAY. OUTSIDE, IN THE HEAT of AUGUST! it's picture day! "
another forgot to smile.

another looks totally eager to smile huge for the camera, but severely needs braces. but this year I'm glad he wasn't self conscious and didn't hide his smile.

eventually braces will erase evidence of fangs, and snaggle teeth.
someday make-up will hide the natural beauty , or enhance certain features. the innocent childish beauty will be missing. Eventually a more plastic-y, highlighted, tweezed, made-up beauty will be left in it's place.
smiles will be perfected and posed at the instant sight of the camera. Hair will no longer be in pig tails and there will be no bows gracing them as glaring reminders of little girlhood.
someday school pictures will be exercises in expressing individual style statements instead of my carefully orchestrated demonstration of coordination skills.
Soon they will rebel against my nazi tendencies to control what they wear and how they wear their hair. and I'll have to let it go. when they assert themselves instead of being eager to please, i will let it go.
someday. soon. they will grow up.
But, I'll have these sweet, funny , unfortunately overeager ,
unsure-of-herself-just-for-that-moment pictures, to treasure.

but that's what my kids are anyway. they are my treasures.
pictures freeze this moment in time. give you something to look back on to remember. but the goofy ,sweet ,talks-too-much, growing up too fast, little people running around on recess because it's fun kids,
those little people?
they are my masterpiece.
my goal in life.
my reason for being.
These school pictures they are a rite of passage, someday they will be my treasures.

Questions for you my readers i'm dying to know...
Did your kids have picture day yet?

how'd they turn out?

did ya post them? are you gonna?

come on! i showed you mine! now you hafta show me yours! ;)

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Kayci said...

I loved this post! We have pictures on Friday, granted they're only Pre-school pics, I'm still a little nervous. Every time I ask him how he's going to smile he scrunches up his face and grabs his earlobes.

CassiB said...

perfectly said! i have one with a snaggle tooth and i'm wondering how she smiled? sometimes she is self conscience sometimes she is not. can't wait till we can afford braces! i will post them on fb when we get them.
LOL! Kayci your little guy sounds like a cutie!

Carie said...

Ya know we simply just stopped caring. I havent had school pictures of my kids for simply years. I like it better that way!

Can you even believe that at one time I was only a lurker, and used to not comment, oh those were the days weren't they!

Susan said...

Picture day for us is Monday. I'm glad you posted this. Many of my friends don't buy school pictures anymore. I always have them done somewhere else to, but they always seem disappointed if I don't want them. So, I buy the minimum and call them clasics. We almost always do the retakes. I always have to rethink hair do's for the girls that will last with our me fussing over it.

Scrappy Girl said...

Our school photos are in October. I love the big bows...did you make those?

I just got my photo uploading capabilities back and posted our first day of school pics. Better late than never!

Jamie said...

They all look great! I don't know why they let kids play at all before taking their pictures. Totally drives me crazy!! My kids haven't had pictures yet, but I will post them!

Crazymamaof6 said...

scrappy Girl- yes. the bows are crazymama originals.

andrea said...

The high schooler has had hers. I thought they turned out cute, she hates them...but she always hates her pictures. She claims the photographer was retarded and posed her head weird. Whatever, it just wasn't a straight on shot like she's used to. The other kids had theirs on Monday. So I'm in the waiting game to see how they turned out.

Yours looked cute! And I loved your post, so true, that someday we will look at those pictures as our treasures!

My Family said...

Emily has had hers Preston has not. I love their pictures, even if they look funny and make us laugh, I never send them back. I think it always captures them perfectly at that age, Preston with his goofy smile at six, his huge new teeth coming in at seven, his sweet still chubby baby cheeks at five. Emily's intersting hair because she tried to fix it herself after recess and her cute missing teeth because they just fell out.
I love school pictures and I couldn't agree with you more......they are my treasures, my memories, my babies :)

mom2three said...

I think they turned out so me hope that ours did too!

sherry said...

Loved this post. mAde me cry.

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