Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Thoughts and a Word Problem.

there is nothing like a bunch of random Rad thoughts. i have plenty and feel compelled to share. Enjoy the wonder as it comes. some days I'm afraid I've run out of randoms and that my friends would be a tragedy. ;)


I asked people (meaning children, offspring, hoodlums,kids) to empty the dishwasher, everyone else pretended they didn't hear me, but the 2 youngest (ages 5 and 3) volunteered. (and yet neither of them can do it completely) , i just overheard #5 explain to #6 ,"this is a bowl not a hat." as they both had bowls on their heads.


so i took a picture.


i saw a guy wearing a surgical mask at Costco yesterday which made me speculate, is he freakishly trying to avoid catching something? or is he attempting to prevent sharing something?


we had pancakes for Sunday breakfast...

I cut pancakes with a pizza cutter before i pour on the syrup. every time. as i serve the kids.

in the past when multiple kids wanted their pizza cut every time we had pizza (which was a couple times a week), i carried a pizza cutter with me in my purse. so i didn't spend the first 20 minutes of lunch cutting pizza with a fork.


I find myself resisting buying more halloween decor daily. it's not in the budget. i hate having a budget. but seriously it boils down to needs vs wants.

which brings me to this next one...

after looking online at costumes that were at minimum $39.98 each plus accessories.

i stated my opinion of the holiday to the hubs, the conversation went like this.....

Me to hubs: Halloween is expensive

his response? "any holiday you take an interest in, is expensive."

which made me CACKLE, because it's true.

i tried to say that it's an obligatory expense and he argued that no money has to be spent to participate in the holiday. sigh. i'm so not even gonna go there.

then again this is one of those times that having 6 kids is an expensive endeavor.

think about it in a word problem way....

a mediocre costume costs $40 , you must dress and prepare 6 children for Halloween. liberty wants to be a witch, Peyton wants to be a night elf hunter, Joy wants to be a cheerleader, Paxton wants to be a superhero, Pierce wants to be a Garden gnome, and Hope wants to be a princess. how much does Halloween end up costing you?

really I'm making crap up about what they wanna be, but you get the picture. it could be overwhelming and expensive. i think I'll have to be persuasive and creative again this year. scrounge costumes from sisters, or cousins. talk people into wearing what we have instead of fantasy costume ideas. etc.


Oh and someone asked the other day how school was going for me. it's been going great. I'm way ahead in my math class. I've done the homework and quizzes ahead through Oct.4th. just for fun.

The other night , the hubs observed that " i think you'd have a harder time doing this many hours of homework, except it's on the computer and you are already conditioned to sit there for hours on end already so it doesn't bother you at all.


and English? well I'm ready to take a laptop with me and sit in the back of the room. so i can do my research on my topic and ignore the boring lecture that doesn't apply to anything at all. the guy just likes to hear himself talk. so far , he's confessed his love of sports bars, gambling, and drinking. along with his love of 17th century spanish lit.
none of which impresses me or interests me.

but aside from that, so far it's good. i like it.


any random thoughts you wanna share?

have you spotted anyone wearing a surgical mask in public?

what do you think of Halloween Costumes?

do you make yours? buy them? new? used? borrowed?

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Carie said...

I think I should be your first comment for the day. Ready for this? I despise Halloween, yep you heard me! My lovely mother passed this hate onto her kids, that is my excuse, and yet my sister loves and adores it and her wedding shower was even Halloween themed, so it doesn't sound like a very good excuse, but it is incrediably painful for me to fork over money for a costume, it just seems so pointless! As for decorations? None!
Next, did you really and truly have to throw a word problem in your post? It made me cringe with anxiety, remember I am officially the worst math person on the planet, specifically with nasty word problems. I really DID not appreciate it at all, I felt like it was a dig at my lack of math skills, it was huh?!?
Lets see any random thoughts I want to share...well lets see, hmm, oh I have one~TJ maxx home store had some to die for purses, apparently they got a huge shipment in, too bad I already got me 2 new purses recently, figures! Also if the holidays come any quicker I just may have to turn Jehovah Witness! I'm not kidding either. Ok, that about covers it since my naughty child just ran through and dumped a pop all over the floor. Damn.

CassiB said...

i make them. this year i may even dress up. i haven't done that for about 7 yrs or so. i usually end up working on theirs till the last minute, but this year i'm starting early.

Becky said...

I don't mind Halloween, but I dislike the cost of costumes. Last year I told the kids I was not buying costumes because in previous years they would pick out a costume and then change their minds and not want it, thus wasting the money. So last year Emily old a witch costume we had on hand from previous years (size 6 if you want to borrow it); Katie was a chef--my mom had a chef's hat and she wore an apron and carried a bowl; and Patrick was a Pac Man game, which we made out of a poster. They were happy and I was happy. I am thinking I will do the same thing this year.

BTW, one year Katie was a cheerleader and we borrowed a cute outfit from a neighbor. I could probably get it for you if you want. Also, I have several princess dresses as well.

Anonymous said...

So I personally absolutely hate Halloween! Kids knocking at your door begging for candy.

When the kids were little I limited the price of their costumes to a minimal amount ($7). My son ended up usually winning something at the Halloween parade usually about $5 (they had those in Pennsylvania - the kids, and some adults, dressed up and paraded down the street - then there were prizes at the end). The limit in funds causes one to be extremly creative. One year he was a stop light (that was the cutest) one year an airplane and one year a rocketship.

andrea said...

My random thought....why did I decide to make cookies that take 18 minutes to bake? I may quit after this next panful and finish them tomorrow.

Surgical mask man: Hope he's not wearing that to prevent catching anything, because a simple run of the mill mask like that will not protect you. So maybe he's just trying to be thoughtful of others and trying not to spread something. Or he has a really ugly cold sore to hide.

Halloween. I try to get the kids to wear costumes we have around....which basically only works for the littlest one at this point. I borrow if I can. Make if I can, or just shop around for as cheap as possible! :)

Jane said...

You should just tell them that you're going costume shopping at Aunt Jane's house, and they can wear anything in my costume boxes. They'll have a great time digging through them and seeing all the costumes that we had when we were little. I've got some of ours, my kids' and even old Aunt Jane's costume boxes! - about 6 big boxes worth of costumes!

Ashley said...

You should try craigslist! I HATE buying my boys costumes every year, spending all that money just for one night, but then the following year, I put them on craigslist or ebay and take the money I get from them towards the new ones, every little bit helps, right? But you can usually find great costumes for like $10... as opposed to the $40 you'll spend in the stores.

Kayci said...

I am not in the Halloween mood yet and my boys can NOT make up their minds on what they want to be. So frustrating. I think I might go up in the attic and get out the fall decorations... I know Goodwill gets a TON of costumes in this time of year and most of them are brand new. Make a family night out of it!

mom2three said...

Thanks for the chuckles!
I wonder about those surgical masks as well...maybe they just think they are being cool...but shouldn't they be wearing gloves too??? One touch of that yummy door handle, put in mouth..and voila the germs invade!
I have done all the above, bought, made etc...this year since we are in the middle of a move I probably won't be as creative..Bella(5) wants to be Hannah Montana and the boys most likely will be thing 1 and thing 2.

Anonymous said...

I bought my daughter a costume on for 10 bucks. They do site to store delivery as well. My one son wants to be a candy corn and the other wants to be a ghost. I went to the Good will store and found some fabric that I can make their costumes out of, so over all for 3 costumes it will come to 15 bucks. Go to Savers and find some good clothes, like you have in the past. You have a ton of creativity, so I am sure you will come up with something FABULOUS!

Cara said...

I love that pink bowl on his head!!!! Is that from Target? And I love pancakes for dinner!

Cara said...

Oh I forgot - my neighbor wears a surgical mask all the time!!! Weird.

Cherie said...

I have no random thoughts at this point I'm too tired and Yet...I'm still on the computer - ha ha.
I have seen people wearing masks in public. If you talk to any dr. they will tell you it is ridiculous it doesn't really keep germs out.
Hopefully if THEY have something it keeps them in - I just steer clear!
I LOVE halloween but you are right it get expensive. I had hand me down costumes. I have 5 kids - they all had a turn being the bat, the cat, the polar bear, you get the idea. I really only have one who is young enough to do the costume thing this year and he informed me the other day that he had a great idea "Mom I am just going to wear my football gear and be a football player for Halloween!". I thought Hallelujah!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Seriously never thought to use a pizza cutter on pancakes... FABULOUS idea adn I'm going to try it!!! My husband thinks it's a fab idea also!!!

Love your hubs respons on the holiday thing!

your made up halloween ideas cracks me up!!! garden gnome!!! hilarious!!!

My mom used to have a box full of costumes and we had to just choose... there was no finding new ones... you take what's there or you get nothing... we never knew any different... I'm thinking it's a great idea! :)

You hubby's comment on the computer cracks me up... I'm not sure I would have taken it as well as you did though!

Love the randomness!!!

Stacy said...

I just love reading your blog! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I have a costume closet of mostly handmade costumes from 6 months to adult. I wish you lived closer so you could borrow them. has lots of good, inexpensive stuff. Post a sign in your yard and invite people to let you borrow Halloween costumes from them. Good luck.

Andrea said...

I have totally seen guys sporting the surgical mask in public. Weird.

I love Halloween but not the dent in the wallet because of costumes & candy. As kids, we put together costumes with whatever we had at home. Which is fine but I like some of the cool costumes at the store.

Good job getting your math homework done in advance. It did that when I took math too. I loved getting the syllabus & getting a week or two done in one day.

CUTE pic of the kiddos with pink bowls on their heads. At least they tried to get the dishwasher done.

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