Tuesday, September 29, 2009

attempts at craftyfabulousness and tough luck

so was yesterdays' delight too much? too gushy? too upbeat?

well never fear. today is not super fab. already.

maybe it was the 3 am crafting/movie watching added to the standard 7:00 am alarm?

awesome.a picture of my project is lower down in this post...

you wonder what things are making today less than awesome?

late kids.

fits over leggings under tutu's .

my preschoolers refusal to ride the bus and subsequent wrestling match. he wanted to stay home and watch playhouse Disney.

unfortunately i have class. so everyone has to go to school today. staying home is not an option.

tough LUCK!

tough luck on the leggings

tough luck on late kids.

tough luck on the bus ride.

it is what it is.

my crafty fabulousness isn't quite done. did my Fall wreath and it needs something...

either i have to go buy another bouquet of flowers to cannibalize. or i need to find some ribbon for a bow. maybe like this one on my christmas wreath with the hanging ribbon?

wanna see a picture? you'll tell me what you think it needs?


and now? i'm thinking i don't want to put it on my front door. maybe i'll rig it up in the dining room.

the garland hasn't even been started. i need more supplies. we'll see about that after class.

i guess i only get one good day in a row.

i better hustle and get ready. i'll be back later.

Oh and i wanted to tell anyone that admired my boyfriend last christmas? if you considered making your own, they have unfinished nutcrackers at the craft store already. in multiple sizes. i think i'm going to be making a new one this year. in another color from my scheme.

yeah i don't care that it's not really fall here yet, and halloween is NOT over, i'm stoked about christmas decorating again.

Ok so i see where this might be how the hubs got this opinion he stated last week ...

Me to hubs: Halloween is expensive

his response? "any holiday you take an interest in, is expensive."

be sure to tell me what you think the wreath needs.

flowers? or bow?

do you like to craft your own custom decorations?

or buy ready made off the rack?

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Leslie said...

Super cute!! I think a bow would be nice or even a couple of more flowers!!

Vidal's Nest said...

Turned out cute.I vote for a bow. I like to both buy and make my stuff!

CassiB said...

i think it just needs a bow. i am not so crafty when it comes to wreaths! they always look thin and bare. i need to make some new fall decorations. mine have all broke or gotten old and crappy. i threw out a bunch last year. i don't even remember what i still have, i just know it is not that much. i do both, make and buy off the rack, coupons at joanns and hobby lobby are always helpful for both!

Brandon said...

I think either a bow or some sort of a center focus. Like a bunch of acorns, pumpkins or something like that where that is the focus and then the flowers are sidekicks. Over all, I think it is fantastic! Sorry your day isn't going that great. Hope it gets better.

Sorry posts hubby's name.

Scrappy Girl said...

I vote bow!

Your hubby sounds like my hubby...I swear just last night he told me that I was not to buy any clothing for the kids until AFTER Christmas. He says he thinks I am addicted to buying them clothes. I can thank Manga Dork for his new insight...she just announced how cool it was that it was October and she was just now wearing something for the second time...that every shirt in September had been new....argh! LOL!

Jenn said...

BIG FAT BOW--- I think would look good anyways. Very cute.

Lamps Family said...

I vote bow as well, I love it, it looks AWESOME!!

crystal said...

I think something Halloween-y would be cool; like a witch hat or ghostie or some such big, garish object. Or if you're keeping it Fall-ish and not wanting halloween on it, like a plastic gourd or two up at the top with a ribbon accent.

But lookit. I don't craft decor. I am visually retarded.

(yes. retarded. i said it.)

Piper said...

I love to craft! Maybe flowers or a figurine or a fall fruit cluster?

Nani Udall said...

Seriously... Big fat bow!

Jenifer said...

How bout a big acorn? I am leaning toward another flower. Loooove the wreath, you are very talented and it is gorgeous!

Bridget and Dustin said...

That is so cute! I would put a big bow!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ First thing I thought was a bow also! Maybe black? :)

Kati said...

I love the wreath!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I vote for a few pine cones with a maroon ribbon either tied in a bow or in some other creative knot. The maroon would look great with the other fall colors and the pine cones would add some more "earthy-ness" to it. I love wreaths. Yours turned out really good!!

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